Dereham 0 – Magpies 6

It was a cold, frosty night for the boys but they coped with it well, putting in a great performance against Dereham.

For the first 10 minutes Magpies had the majority of the possession; in the 12th minute Ben Emms won a short corner allowing Rob Neal to rocket it in. 1-0. In the 19th minute Renee Ball put in some fantastic effort sprinting down the right wing beating midfielders and defenders. He crossed the ball into the D, Ben swivelled and scored. 2-0. 4 minutes later Ben was able to make a pass into the middle to Tom Caston. Smashing past the keeper Tom made it 3-0. Only after 3 more minutes Ben did a couple of roll outs then passed it into Rob who scored a brilliant reverse stick shot. The half time whistle wasn’t far away, yet Renee kept on putting as much effort as he could down the right hand side, but suddenly out of nowhere Seth Read picked it up and shot from the top of the D into the bottom right hand corner. 5-0. Arguably the best half we’ve had all season, the attack were strong, the defence were solid and the midfield were dominant.

Half time.

6 minutes into the second half Rob crossed the ball to Jake Caston who forced a rebound which his brother Tom pushed in. 6-0. Ollie Hall made some great tackles and interceptions causing trouble for the opposing attackers, Jamie Hinsley powered up and down the wings, Morgan Manly and Louis Calvert made some good passes. Jack Robertson got close to scoring on many occasions, and with 10 minutes to go, a debut for Sam Emms at right back making some good passes, tackles and interceptions. Dereham fought hard and managed to get a few good chances against James Harvey (GK) who had little to do all game.

A special thanks to Andy Caston for replacing Roger in the first half and thanks to Mark Emms for managing us lot once again.

Seth Read.