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Ladies 6th Team Match Report 14th October 2017

Ladies 6th Team vs Hurlings (Home (L) L 0-4)

The Ladies 6ths have suffered a few injuries, roster changes and losses over the last few weeks, but despite this the team took to the field confidently early this Saturday. They picked up Shirley McAllen on the right, and saw Louise returning from University and Flea back from holiday, and after fielding only 10 last week the return to full numbers was a relief for all.

Hurlings, a team that play on grass at home attacked confidently, and used short corners effectively throughout the game. Despite the valiant efforts of Imogen Flatt in goal, who continued to make some great saves, and Marie who made a stunning goal line save, their powerful strikes proved too much for the Magpies defence.

One of the team had a short “discussion” with the Umpire and was rewarded with a 3 minute ‘calm down’ warning, a green card, returning to the pitch just as Magpies had earnt themselves a short corner.

After half time Magpies worked hard to keep possession of the ball and played positively, perhaps suffering a slight crisis of confidence when attacking. Vanessa Vigrass worked tirelessly in midfield and earned herself a player of the match award. Despite all this they were unable to score.

Despite this the overall feeling of the game was that Magpies had worked hard to keep possession of the ball, especially in the second half, but were frustrated by their inability to hit the target. We hope to rally next week for our game against Brecklands (Away, 10am push back)

Ladies 6th Team Match Report 30th September 2017

Ladies 6th Team vs Taverham (Away (L) L 0-5)

The 6s were determined to march into this game with a positive attitude and belief despite last minute uncertainties and changes to the squad. Jane Collins provided sound leadership and organisation on the day, with Julie Davy assisting from the dugout, whilst trying to put our players into ‘best fit’ positions. We started well and were not fazed by and early Broadland goal. With Flea Perry, Jane, Elena Flatt and Marie Davy working hard in defence, even the 2 goal deficit at half time seemed surmountable.

The second half did not go Magpies way, however. Katy Davy made some stunning saves, but another Broadland goal followed. Man of the match, Krystal Jenkins, provided great control and stability in midfield, with positive work from Ebony Hoskin and Jenny Meyer creating attacking opportunities. Forwards Rachel Clifford made some fine runs up the left wing, and Janna fired some much needed aggressive and positive shots into the D, but unfortunately none of these efforts converted to goals. A further blow was a face injury to sweeper Flea halfway through the second half, which needed hospital treatment. A hasty reorganisation was required to continue the game, but we were a little unsettled and 2 further Broadland goals then followed, although Lydia Barrett created a good chance with a run on goal.

Despite the scoreline, the team left with a positive attitude and a consensus that our overall performance had improved on last week’s. We are pleased to say that Flea is OK and is now glued together, and extend our thanks to all family and friends who helped and supported with care, hospital lifts, car transport etc. Also thanks to Gillian Stokes and Heather Brand for organisation during the week, but who couldn’t be with us for the game.

Ladies 6th Team Match Report 23rd September 2017

Ladies 6th Team vs Hornets (Home (L) L 3-7)

This week the 6s had several players having to play out of their normal comfort zone, but took to the field of play determined to enjoy the sunny afternoon. As the score line may hint to, the opposition proved to be well organised and experienced; their physicality catching some of the magpies’ team off-guard at times. The defence of Marie Davy, Sandra Elliner, Louise Davy and Elena Flatt worked exceptionally hard against a barrage of attack ensuring Hornets didn’t have it all their own way.  Impressively, despite the increasing scoreline, the 6s showed their character throughout, what’s important for the 6s is that everyone gets to play hockey on a Saturday and everyone enjoys it, all players offered to play out of position with no question. Our thanks go also to our young goalkeepers Katie Davy and Imogen Flatt who were both completely happy to warm each other up and share half a game each – both keepers made fabulous saves during the game.

Buoyed by the excellent encouragement on the side-line from Captain Gillian Stokes, Magpies worked hard to find some passing rhythm to try and break down the long balls constantly played by Hornets. Treacle Griffin was pivotal in midfield with excellently timed tackles and interceptions enabling magpies to finally penetrate the Hornets well packed D. Victoria Spouncer had an excellent game, combining well with Krystal Jenkins whom it was great to see again on a Magpies pitch.

Annie Lancaster, Jane Collins and Flea Perry played well in attack; all three being rewarded a goal for their sterling efforts.

As is the Magpies spirit the Sixes will pick themselves up again ready to face Broadlands next week; sadly we will do so without the brilliant Louise Davy. In her time playing for Magpies nothing has ever been too big an ask for Louise, a super role model to all young players. We were pleased to give Louise Man Of The Match today and wish her well with her university studies.

Match report – Ladies’ 6ths – 10 December 2016

Ladies’ 6ths 0 Lowestoft Railway 2nds 4

The Ladies’ 6th came to this match in positive spirit after their great win against Norwich City the previous week. The team was much the same, with the exception of welcoming Verity and Gillian back to the side and a debut for Tabitha.

Magpies started off well, with the defence and midfield working well together and holding off the Lowestoft attack. However, as Lowestoft became more settled into the match, they increased their work rate and with some quick, accurate passing they managed to infiltrate the Magpies defence and scored two good goals before half time.

A strong half time team talk from our captain Gillian saw Magpies come out strong and more attacking. We managed to get the ball out of our defence on several occasions with Lydia and Beth making some good runs into the opposition’s D. Unfortunately, one of the opposition took a very nasty hit to the head from a ball. Thankfully she appeared to be ok, but was taken off to hospital as a precaution.

As in the first half, Lowestoft increased their dominance in the match and with some well-rehearsed moves and skilful stick work went on to score another two goals. Our defence worked very hard with Marie and Louise making some very well timed tackles and Imogen once again making some crucial saves. Verity was very strong in midfield and worked tirelessly in the match and was deservedly voted man of the match.

A disappointing end to this part of the season, but a deserved win for Lowestoft.

Happy Christmas to all the team, including parents and friends who have supported us throughout the season and here’s to some great hockey and hopefully a few wins in 2017!

Jane Collins

Match Report – Ladies’ 6ths – Saturday 3 December 2016

Norwich City Ladies’ 6ths 0 Magpies’ Ladies’ 6ths 1

Magpies Ladies 6th travelled to Taverham to take on Norwich 6ths who are second in the league and have only conceded 7 goals this season. We were without Gillian, our nurturing captain but Louise stepped into the position and did a fantastic job. From some of the overheard comments, Norwich thought it was going to be a walk in the park; just a matter of how many they were going to put past us. Magpies had a different idea!

Right from the start, Magpies controlled the match, moving the ball around well, using good stick skills and outpacing the opposition on several occasions. Magpies were soon awarded a short corner, where Issy had a great shot but unfortunately it just went wide. Magpies kept up the pressure and the defence were incredibly strong keeping Norwich at bay and Imogen making some great saves in goal.

We knew Norwich were going to come out strong and determined in the second half, but Magpies were ready for them. Our determination was eventually awarded when Julie took the ball from midfield, passed it out to Beth who did a cracking run down the wing before passing it to Lydia, who calmly positioned it passed the keeper.

Norwich City really put on the pressure in the last 10 minutes of the game, with a string of short corners being awarded in their favour, right up the whistle, but they could not penetrate our defence much to their frustration and our delight.

This was an exceptionally good team performance, with everyone working really hard and showing a real conviction to win the ball. Well done to all the team, with Imogen being voted man of the match.

Magpies ladies 6s match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Watton Ladies 3rd team.

Knowing that Watton were at the bottom of the league, we were able to make a change to structure and push players into different positions to see if we could strengthen for future games. The gamble paid off when Beth Moodie, our new recruit, picked up the ball in the D and smashed it home within minutes of opening play. Then, to our amazement, she did the same again! We dominated the first half with further goals coming from Izzy Slade, who also scored two goals, and Julie Davy. Watton hardly bothered our defence but when they did Verity Tomson and Marie Davy cleared any stray balls, Watton did manage to break through our defence but unfortunately sustained an injury when Julie Davy struck the ball to clear it and the Watton player had stepped in front of her at the wrong moment and took a stick to the face!

The second half was much the same as the first with further goals coming from Jenny Meyer, Lydia Barrett and Annie Lancaster. Jane Collins had an amazing game playing a forward position. The score ended 8-0 but for me it was seeing the smiles on the players’ faces and them enjoying every moment of the game. Well done ladies; huge pat on the back.

Score: 8 – 0

Gillian Stokes

Magpies ladies 6s hockey report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Pelicans Ladies 3rd team.

The match at Kings Lynn was really enjoyable with a few players making their debut. Magpies dominated the game with play remaining in Pelican’s half to begin with and a fair amount of shots at goal. Jane Collins made some superb passes across the circle which Pelicans didn’t intercept and Marie Davy stopped any forwards in their tracks. Just as the half time whistle went, down came the rain.

Pelicans seemed to speed up during the second half but were easily matched by Magpies. We had a few short corners but our attempts at goal were thwarted. Then Jenny Meyer, voted Man of the Match, ran with the ball into the circle, passed to Lydia Barrett who pushed the ball home. Expecting retaliation, Pelicans did get past our defence but Gillian Stokes, our goalkeeper, ran out and kicked the ball sky high.

Score: 1 – 0

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 6th hockey report

Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Herlings Ladies team.

We played Herlings on a cold, windy afternoon under floodlights. Initially, Magpies managed to keep the ball with excellent passing skills and better fitness levels but Herlings, renowned for their hard hitting, smashed the ball towards our goal and a delighted forward sent it home. Despite the ball flying around at head-height with quite a few painful consequences, Millie Scarborough-Taylor skilfully aimed the ball at Herling’s goal and it literally bounced out of a defender’s lap and into the goal. The second goal came from Alice Evans-Hendrick who smashed the ball home after an excellent cross from Molly Warnes.

At half time, despite our better fitness, we knew that Herlings would come back with a vengeance; they actually took out one of their own players in our circle with a rocketing ball that narrowly missed a few heads but smashed into the unfortunate player’s stomach. Our defenders were undeterred and Gillian Stokes, as goalkeeper, played fearlessly. Julie Davy made some fine runs and we tried to score from short corners but Herlings equalised with a quick goal.

Score: 2-2

Joanna Meyer

Magpies ladies 6s hockey report

Magpies Ladies 6th team versus North Norfolk Ladies 2nd team.

Our match against top-of-the-league North Norfolk was played away at Cromer with just ten players. With a chilly, coastal wind we started the game and managed to keep the ball away from North Norfolk for a while. Things were looking up but not for long when North Norfolk scored their first goal. The second soon followed at close range with Verity Thomson battling hard against her opponent. Alice Evan-Hendrick ran swiftly with the ball to the North Norfolk goal but a player thumped her on the side of the head. The umpire called a halt and reprimanded the culprit. North Norfolk scored a third goal from a short corner and a fourth from a swift shot.

At halftime, despite the 4-0 score, we were enjoying the match and playing good hockey. During the second half, we had a few short corners but the North Norfolk defenders battled hard to clear the ball away. Julie Davy made superb passes towards the North Norfolk goal and Millie Scarborough-Taylor tried hard to keep the ball at our end of the pitch. Although we didn’t manage to score a goal, it wasn’t for lack of trying and we ran our hearts out, but strangely enough, North Norfolk didn’t score a goal either.

Score: 0-4

Magpies Ladies 6th hockey report

Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Norwich Dragons Ladies 6th team.

On a cold, overcast afternoon we played Norwich Dragons at home. They seemed to be a stronger team, with multiple substitutes, good warm up exercises and a rousing huddle yet we had multiple short corners and they didn’t. Their players were excellent at getting the ball into our circle but our superb defenders kept them at bay.

With the light fading and rain moving in, the umpire called for floodlights. Molly Warne managed to evade her attacker and keep the ball at the Norwich end of the pitch. Despite Millie Scarborough-Taylor’s best efforts at scoring and Gillian Stokes’ massive strikes from the back, the forwards just could not beat the Norwich keeper. Then, minutes before the end, a Norwich player drew our keeper out and scored.

Score: 0-1

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 6ths hockey report

Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Evergreens Ladies 2nd team.

We left home at the crack of sparrows to play Evergreens at Holt in an early morning match. It was pouring with rain which made us play hard to keep warm. The game began at a fast pace with the ball rocketing up and down the pitch at a rate of knots. Passing amongst Magpies was excellent as was blocking the Evergreen hit-outs. The first half, which seemed so short, ended with no score.

During the second half, Evergreens had a number of short corners but our brave defenders diverted the ball away. Marie Davy threw herself into every tackle whilst Molly Warne sprinted up the pitch with ease, moving around players without missing a beat. Georgie Cantrell smashed the ball home from the edge of the circle after a great pass from Millie Scarborough-Taylor. Despite further attempts at goal-scoring, from both teams, we won!

Score: 1- 0

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 6th Match report

Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Watton Ladies 3rd team.

It was a cloudy, dry morning when Magpies 6th played away at Watton. We scored a goal within minutes when the ball shot up the right wing to Julie Davy who aimed at the defenders goal where the ball was deflected, but quick thinking Krystal Jenkins pushed the ball home. Everyone was surprised and delighted. Watton had numerous short corners but our strong defenders thwarted their strikes at goal. Sadly, during one of these corners, skipper Karen Ray took a ball to the face but returned to play later.

During the second half, play seemed to be fairly even despite Watton having plentiful short corners and us having one. We had a couple of shots at the goal but they were deflected. One of our team went sliding across the pitch in an effort to deflect a shot at our goal. In fact, Watton seemed to be in our circle quite a lot but a stirling effort by our goalkeeper, Jess, kept the score at zero.

Score: 1 – 0

Joanna Meyer

Ladies’ 6ths – Match report

Ladies’ 6ths vs North Norfolk 2s

The Ladies’ 6ths made the trip up to Cromer for their match against North Norfolk 2s on Saturday. Despite the weather forecast looking dismal the team was upbeat with the addition of several players from the 7ths as numbers seemed thin on the ground. Magpies started strongly and gelled well considering the new team members and a lack of true defenders! Unfortunately, not long into the first half Meg Conway took a high-paced ball to the ankle from a free hit. The pain was evident and a trip to hospital deemed necessary – thankfully nothing broken but annoyingly a few weeks off sports with crutches was the outcome. With no subs available (taking 11 players had been an achievement in the first place) Magpies battled on. The teamwork of Katie Kinsella and Megan Rodwell in midfield kept us attacking, and the solid defending performances of Lucie Griffiths, Louise Davy and Elle Eglington ensured that North Norfolk did not over-run Magpies. Hollie Griffiths, Jo Meyer and Julie Davy worked hard tracking back from our forward attacks to support the midfield but unfortunately a short corner in each half escaped the grasps of Gillian Stokes to end the match on 2-0. An unfortunate scoreline for a well battled match where everyone worked hard, but the jelly babies kept us smiling!
The Ladies’ 6ths would like to wish Meg a speedy recovery – get better soon, Meg!

Ladies 5th/6th match report

Magpies Ladies 5th v Magpies Ladies 6th
Both teams had many new faces for this first league game of the season.
The 5ths with only 2 of last years regulars tried out players from last
years development team. Georgie Warren opened the scoring for the 5ths.
Some quick passing from the 6ths saw Vanessa Vigrass equalise with a fine
shot from a tight angle. Victoria Findlay put the 5ths back in front to
end an even first half. Krystal Jenkins was having a fine game in defence
against the pace of Anna Tighe. Lottie Clements scored within a minute of
the pushback with an easy finish having been left unmarked in front of
goal. This spurred the youngsters into action and they were back ahead
within two minutes. Some excellent link up play between Victoria Findlay
and Anna Tighe resulted in Victoria completing her hat-trick. The 5th team
were controlling possession more in the second half and any attacks the
6ths had were thwarted by Jose Tibbenham playing sweeper. THe game was
wrapped up with a training ground move. The hit out was met by Anna Tighe
who laid off to Victoria who one-two’d with Anna then the perfect right
wing cross was swept into goal by Matilda Warde-Adlam. A good performance
from both teams at the start of a new season. 5ths player of the match
Anna Tighe, 6ths Krystal Jenkins

Ladies 6ths Match Report

Another win for the 6ths and another hat-trick for Vicky Blackmore!

It was a much-changed team for the 6ths this week, with Captain Jodie still injured and many others being unavailable; which gave us the chance to give an introduction to ladies hockey to Jordan and Ismay from development, and with Elle back with us from the 5ths we had a very active midfield, much to the delight of the forwards who like getting good balls through but don’t like having to run back and defend!

Magpies started strongly against bottom of the table Old Bucks with Vicky’s first goal coming from a short corner within the first five minutes. There was some very good hockey and strong play from all three midfielders, (who looked like they had been playing together for months), with lots of good balls being put through to the forwards who were getting lots of good shots in but being kept out by some good goal-keeping from Old Bucks. Vicky’s 2nd and 3rd goals both arrived before half-time as did 12th man Clemmy, coming straight from work onto the pitch. We went into half-time 3-2 up owing to a very fast Old Bucks centre forward and some not-so-fast Magpies defenders! 
After a team talk that was more concerned with Jelly Babies than tactics (and helping Vicky recover from apparently managing to flick herself in the eye with the zip of her trackies- DOD moment!) we started the second half knowing that we needed to score more goals and not let any more in! 
Magpies had many more shots on goal and Vicky could have easily had another three! Laura and Vanessa had plenty of chances as well but it was Clemmy Ardley-Forder who got number 4. Old Bucks then pulled another one back to make it 4-3 (that pesky centre forward again; we decided to have 2 people marking her after that which seemed to put her off!) 
The third Old Bucks goal and an injury to Evie in the last 5 minutes meant that once again we had a fairly tense end to a match but we managed to hold on for all 3 points to stay 2nd in the league and now only 4 points behind leaders Dragons 4ths! 
Final score 4-3 to Magpies
MOM: Jordan Rainbird
DOD: Vicky, Clemmy and Evie

Ladies 6ths Match Report

Ladies 6ths Match Report

A hard fought game for the 6s ended with a well deserved win and a less-well deserved broken thumb for captain Jodie Guest! A fairly even first half on a very muddy pitch ended 0-0 so magpies were very glad to see reinforcements in the shape of Grace and Hannah arriving just as the whistle went to start the second half. Magpies then piled on the pressure with some excellent midfield work by Jodie, Tina Neill and Harriet Aitchison, (Harriet escaping her usual confines of the goalie kit to do some running around!) before a strong strike from Laura gave Magpies the lead. A second from Clemmy Ardly-Forder soon followed before Herlings pulled one back to make it 2-1. Magpies came back strongly with a very impressive reverse stick shot from Clemmy to make it 3. Herlings grabbed their second towards the end of the game and with Jodie’s injury made for a tense final few minutes but Magpies held on for the win. A great team performance and some brilliant individual work too. A very strong game for both Alysha and Karen and it was great to see Evie back from injury. We will miss Jodie now for 6 weeks recovery for her thumb but she will still be along supporting the team, (And hopefully bringing the jelly-babies!). Final score 3-2 to Magpies.

MOM: Clemmy, Laura and Jodie

Note: Surnames omitted where I either couldn’t remember or couldn’t spell them. Many apologies!

Ladies 6ths – Match Report

The 6ths unbeaten run continues seeing them climb to second place in the league behind next weeks opponents.

Goalkeeper Ruth Melton had very little to do on Saturday as Magpies tirelessly pressed forward threatening Dragons defences and creating many chances of an opening goal. This chance fell to Clemmy Ardly-Forder and more soon followed with Tina Neil and Vanessa Vigrass both finding the goal before the break. After half-time drinks and Jelly Babies Magpies were determined to make the most of their lead and soon scored again, with goal number 4 coming from Vicky Blackmore. With goals 5 and 6 again coming from Vigrass and Ardly-Forder the game seemed complete only for a stunning goalie-beating roof-of-the-net shot from Blackmore to seal a very convincing win.

MOM: Vicky Blackmore and Vanessa Vigrass


Match Report: Magpies Ladies’ 6th Team

So far this season you could be forgiven for thinking we are playing a summer sport considering the weather and this Saturday, as the Magpies Ladies’ 6th team took on the Hornets in brilliant sunshine and blue skies, was no exception. A few minor setbacks, including missing footwear and a team member gone AWOL, were quickly forgotten as good passing and use of space saw one of our youngest members, Krystal Jenkins, score her first goal of the season. Clemmy Ardly-Forder quickly followed this by a great drive over the line, giving a well-needed boost of confidence to the team. However, the Hornets rose to the challenge and came back hard with several attacks on goal and, despite some good defensive play and a fantastic save by Ruth Melton, the opposition’s hard work paid off and they pushed through to score their first of the match.

At a point when Magpies were questioning how long their lead might last, injury struck. Jenkins was on the receiving end of a stick to the face, meaning Magpies were down to 10 men; half-time couldn’t come soon enough. Quick team chat and rearrangement and we were off again. Despite being a man down, the half-time jelly babies had their desired effect and energy levels picked up resulting in a flurry of goals from Vanessa Vigrass, Alysha Rankin and Laura Schultheiss. Jenkins even braved a return to the pitch, helping the 6th team secure their first league win 5-1.

Ladies 6th match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 6th XI match report.

Fixture: Magpies vs Herlings

Our final match of the season was played against Herlings on their grass pitch. It was a perfect spring day and playing on grass would have been enjoyable had it not been such hard work. Herlings clearly had the advantage over us and scored a goal from a short corner. They dominated the game and were a strong team but with sheer effort from the defence, particularly, Jodie Guest (voted Player of the Season), the ball flew back and forth but remained away from our goal.

During the second half, we were playing uphill. Grace Pearson, (voted Player of the Match), played superbly, stopping every ball that came her way. Emily Mc Cluskey was the youngest player yet showed maturity in her passing skills and Jess Harvey, the goalkeeper made some fine saves. Despite some injuries, we battled hard against Herlings and the game did become a bit defensive with the two teams bunched together, close marking. However the score didn’t change and it was a reasonable end to the season.

Score: 0 – 1

Joanna Meyer