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Ladies 7th Team Match Report 30th September 2017

Ladies 7th Team vs Norwich Dragons 7th Team (Away (L) L 0-6)

The match started well with fairly even play but Norwich Dragons scored fairly easily, six times, during the first half.  Feeling despondent at half time, Shirley McAllen rearranged the team and boosted our confidence by saying that we were actually playing well.  The second half proved this as Norwich Dragons did not score again and despite a few breakthroughs to the Dragon’s circle, Magpies were thwarted by their strong defence.

Ladies 7th Team Match Report 23rd September 2017

Ladies 7th Team vs Norwich City 7th Team (Home (L) W 3-0)

Our first match of the season started well with Magpies controlling the game and keeping the ball at City’s end of the pitch.  With a few new players, play could have been muddled but passing was accurate, everyone worked their socks off and we had multiple shots at goal.  Ellie Oliver scored at close range from a pass by Shirley McAllen.

Within minutes of the second half starting, Georgia Hood diverted a shot by Keira Wheeler into the goal.  We were delighted but Norwich City started fighting back and one of their players landed on top of Peg Bridges, our goalkeeper, causing injury.  With kicking back, Karen Hunt, we carried on and Keira Wheeler scored a cracking third goal.  A great start to the season!

Magpies Ladies 7s match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Loddon Ladies 2nd team.

Our last match of the season was played away at Loddon in lovely sunshine. With a full team and two new players, the game started well and, although evenly matched, we managed to send the ball to Loddon’s circle a few times but without that finishing touch. Loddon made a few strikes at our goal but to no avail and Karen Hunt made a fine job of stopping any forwards in their tracks.

The second half saw Loddon play well and with formation and we needed to ‘up our game’ also. Georgia Hood was superb at sprinting up the wing but Loddon defenders were ready. Then, Sophie Govier-Schaay worked hard to take the ball through the middle with Lili Mohiddin stopping any forwards from scoring. One Loddon player was taken off the pitch with an injury and within minutes the game was over.

Score: 0 – 0

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 7s Match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Norwich Dragons Ladies 7th team.

Magpies played away at ‘Goal’ in Norwich and with a couple of players feeling a bit under the weather, the match started late. With only ten players we needed to work extra hard but Dragons soon showed their strength by scoring after a quick skirmish in the circle. However, play during the first half was excellent with some superb crosses from Jane Collins which, frustratingly, weren’t picked up. Dragons’ defenders were always ready to send the ball swiftly back to our circle and scored twice more before half time.

The second half saw Dragons up their game and the ball tended to stay in our half of the pitch. Any free hits were stopped by Dragons and trying to smash the ball right at them just didn’t work. They were awarded a few short corners and scored a goal from one of these. It was a delight to see Sophie Govier-Schaay sprinting past the Dragon defenders to their circle but with a hole in our middle, they scored again. Good defence work by Karen Hunt and Peg Bridges kept the score down and, boy, did we deserve those giant pizzas!

Score: 0 – 5

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 7s match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Norwich Dragons Ladies 8th team.

It was a fine, warm afternoon at Weybread where we fielded just ten players against a full Dragon’s team plus reserves. Initially, Dragons dominated the play whilst we settled into the game but, knowing that we were short, made each Magpies player work hard. With Dragons threatening to score from multiple long corners, something had be done and swiftly. Jane Collins smashed the ball away from our circle and Evie Rogers ran up the left wing, dodged defenders and passed the ball to Georgia Hood who swept it home.

Knowing that Dragons would come back with a vengeance, we played even harder whilst trying to keep our width but marking our opposition who tended to follow the ball. Annie Lancaster made some fine runs and Lili Mohiddin stopped the Dragon’s forwards in their tracks. Soon, we were delighted to be awarded a short corner, struck by Jo Meyer to Jane Collins who smashed it home. Dragons were beginning to tire and there was some argie bargie with the umpires who good-naturedly kept their cool. With some excellent play, we managed to win the match.

Score: 2 – 0

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 7th hockey report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Broadland Ladies 3rd team.

Magpies fielded a team of fifteen players against ‘top of the league’ Broadland for our home game. Broadland soon showed their strength by keeping the play at our end of the pitch. Indeed, Peg Bridges played courageously with numerous shots at goal deflected into the air. Georgia Hood made some fine runs up the wing but Broadland defenders blocked our attempts in the circle. Despite valiant efforts by our defence, Broadland scored.

At half time, skipper Daphne Beckett agreed that we were all playing hard and well. During second half, Karen Hunt who already had a hand injury from stopping a shot before the goal, took a hard ball to the knee but carried on. Broadland had a series of short corners and scored from a direct shot. Jane Collins played like a trooper and Broadland’s forwards were clearly tiring. During the last five minutes, a swift shot into the circle found Lizzie Adcock who sent the ball flying into Broadland’s goal.

Score: 1 – 2

Joanna Meyer

Match report – Ladies’ 7ths – Saturday 18 February 2017

Ladies 7ths 1 UEA 4ths 0

Fielding a strong team with no less than 13 players, including Honey and Jane joining us from Ladies 6ths, expectations were high of a cracking game, and we weren’t disappointed! The UEA girls were up for it, with lots of subs and a very vocal coach, and they put pressure on us from the start. But we were ready for them, and defended strongly in the face of a keen but inaccurate series of attacks. Once we found our shape, we started to make better use of the excellent and speedy Sophie in centre mid, who worked hard throughout the game and moved the ball around well with mum Lizzie and Alex, who have both recently joined the team. Sophie plus Honey in the centre played well, supported by Evie and Georgia on the wings, and around 25th minute, pushed forward into the D. It was a bit of a scrum, but we concentrated hard, with Rosemary finally pushing the ball past the keeper to score her first goal of the season for the 7ths! As one of our most committed players, we were all thrilled for her.

Going into half time one up, we were not complacent, particularly when we realised UEA had really upped their game about ten minutes into the second half. Our defence with Jane, Karen, Daphne, Liv and Peg played valiantly and kept the ball clear of the net. The last 15 minutes were really feisty, with UEA bearing down hard on us, but with strong loud Magpies support from the side-line, and despite several short corners, we kept a clean slate, and even managed a couple of late chances.

We were delighted to finish with a thoroughly well deserved one – nil win, a terrific result for the 7ths against a team of young and eager opponents. Roll on next week!

Bex Pottruff

Magpies hockey ladies 7s match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Carrow Ladies 2nd team.

The rain and wind stopped for our match against Carrow at Langley School. With two new players on the team, we tentatively started passing the ball around but it was clear from the off that we had the upper hand. Play was mainly in Carrow’s half, much to our relief, and on the odd occasion that the ball slipped to our end the defenders were on hand to smash the ball back up to the forwards.

During the second half, despite having multiple long corners and three short corners, Carrow’s defenders thwarted our attempts at scoring. At one point, Carrow beat our defence but Alex Stephenson speedily blocked a strike at goal. Play was a lot harder and faster for both sides but Sophie Govier-Schaay took this in her stride, going hard into every tackle whilst Lizzie Adcock made some fine runs. It was a very enjoyable game.

Score: 0 – 0

Joanna Meyer

Match report – Ladies’ 7ths – Saturday 28 January 2017

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team vesus Hornets Ladies team.

Our first hockey match of the year was played at Loddon on a fine day. Hornets soon showed their muscle and scored within minutes of the start. They developed a superb system of stopping any shots that we tried to play through them and swiftly passed the ball to key players who ruthlessly sent the ball home. Peg Bridges, our goalkeeper, really had her work cut out and literally threw herself into it whilst Karen Hunt and Daphne Beckett stopped numerous players in their tracks. By half time the score was 7 – 0 to Hornets.

Magpie’s umpire gave us some advice…block them at the hit out. With this in mind, we stood in front of them and within minutes the ball flew to the other end of the pitch. Our first short corner was struck by Jo Meyer to Evie Tibbenham who smashed it into Hornet’s goal but our delight was short-lived; the goal was disallowed. Speedy Sophie Govier-Schaay played like a demon, challenging Hornet’s best player and winning, running up the wing with the ball and never giving up. The second half saw Hornets score four more goals.

Score: 0 – 11

Joanna Meyer

Match report – Ladies’ 7ths – Saturday 3 December 2016

Ladies’ 7ths 5 Loddon 2nds 2

The Ladies’ 7ths went into this match in confident mood after last week’s win. This stood us in good stead with two cracking goals from Fi Brice in the first 6 minutes, one from a short corner. Loddon’s talented side came back quickly, but we replied before the final whistle with another goal from Mrs Brice. In the second half, a light touch in the D and a miscalculation from the keeper led to a goal for Evie Tibbenham, who shows more strength in every game, but again Loddon came back as we left our end pretty much undefended. However nothing could break our confident mood, with a final terrific short corner strike off Shirley McAllen by Fi Brice, taking the final result to 5 – 2 to the Ladies’ 7ths. We celebrated our last match of the year with a small sherry and After Eights. Lovely to see the team doing so well with a great mix of young and experienced players and some back-to-hockey mums!


Match report – Ladies’ 7ths

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Norwich Dragons Ladies 7t team

Our match was played at home on a bright, sunny morning; there were four spectators, two of whom were dogs. We kept the play at our end of the pitch and when Dragons ran towards our goal, the defenders played superbly. Peg Bridges made a diving save when a Dragon forward took a shot from the edge of the circle. Bex Pottruff struck the ball to Shirley McAllen who smashed it home. Just before half time, Shirley McAllen sent a timely shot to Evie Tibbenham who, being near to the goal diverted it home.

The second half involved lots of ball-following and we seemed to lose our structure. Dragons had a few short corners but luckily these were well-defended. Our own short corners were quick but Dragons were always ready. Fiona Brice fought hard for every ball and Lizzie Adcock made some brave tackles. Next, a spectator shouted, “Keep it clean girls,” which made me think of rugby tactics until it twigged that she meant the score. Sure enough, with two minutes to go, Dragons scored.

Score: 2 – 1

Joanna Meyer.

Match report – Ladies’ 7ths – Saturday 19 November 2016

Norwich Dragons 8ths 0 Magpies’ 7ths 1

We had blue skies and sunshine for our match at Norwich. Dragons started and had a few experienced players on their team so Peg Bridges, as goalkeeper, had her work cut out but played superbly. Karen Hunt and Daphne Beckett were solid in defence and showed textbook tactics in deflecting a Dragons’ short corner. Magpies also had numerous strikes at goal and short corners but Dragons’ defence were always ready.

At half time we made changes to positions which worked well. Jane Collins, as right defender, fought for every ball and smashed it straight to Georgia Hood who diverted it into the goal. Dragons fought hard to level the score but Sophie Govier-Schaay was always on hand to stop them. She made some superb tackles and Annie Lancaster made some fine runs. Score 0-1.

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 7s hockey report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Dereham Ladies 5th team.

Our home match was played in the rain again. Dereham were a fairly strong team and our defence were hard pushed to keep the ball away from our goal. Shirley Mc Allen kept striking the ball to the forwards and shots were made at the Dereham goal but their defence always stopped our best efforts. Peg Bridges dived to save a goal but eventually they scored.

Within minutes of the second half, Dereham scored again. Fiona Brice made some fine runs and Sophie Govier-Schaay played like a demon and never gave up. Dereham scored their final goal from a short corner. Despite being soaked, it was a very enjoyable game.

Score: 0 – 3

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 7ths match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Broadland Ladies 3rd team.

Our away match against Broadland was played in constant rain and being top of the league, they kept possession of the ball. However, there was a memorable moment when Evie Tibbenham took the ball over the halfway line and Jo Meyer took a free hit which Georgia Hood smashed into Broadland’s goal. Our elation was short-lived because the umpires had a discussion and our goal was disallowed. Broadland scored just before halftime.

Despite feeling like drowned rats, we were all enjoying the match and during the second half, play was evenly spread. True, Broadland had multiple short corners but did not score a goal from them. Sadly, Olivia Anderson-Carter took the full force of a hit, twice, on her foot and had to leave the field. Meanwhile, Broadland showed their strength by scoring three more goals.

Score: 0 – 4

Joanna Meyer

Magpies ladies 7th team hockey report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Carrow Ladies 2nd team.

The home match was played in sunshine and Magpies dominated the game right from the start. Within minutes, Jo Meyer smashed the ball straight to Shirley McAllen on the edge of the D who diverted it into the goal. Next, Karen Ray took a pass from Bex Potruff and skilfully sent the ball home. Carrow did their best to get past our forwards but were always stopped. Evie Tibbenham, out on the left wing, played a blinder when she scored a hat-trick of goals before the half time whistle.

The second half saw Carrow using all of their substitutes to good advantage but young Emma Hunt got stuck into the tackles. At one point, Karen Hunt lay at full length in our goal to physically stop any goals; brave or what? So despite Carrow livening up the play, our superb defenders stopped them and no further goals were scored but what a result!

Score: 5 – 0

Joanna Meyer

Magpies ladies 7s hockey report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Hornets Ladies.

Hornets are always a tough team to play and this match was no exception yet we seemed to keep possession of the ball. However, the Hornets defence were always ready to deflect any shots at goal. Even short corners, with Shirley McAllen smashing shots straight at goal, were deflected. When Hornets finally took possession, they were swift and scored not once but twice.

The rain poured during the second half but Evie Tibbenham very skilfully pushed the ball home from a close shot. Hornets, in retaliation scored again despite Peg Bridges spectacularly diving to save the ball. Karen Hunt struck the ball to the other end of the pitch which allowed Evie Tibbenham to score once again! We were delighted.

Score: 2 – 3

Joanna Meyer

Magpies Ladies 7th report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Norwich City Ladies 7th team.

The first match of the season got off to a cracking start with Magpies dominating play throughout the first half. Despite the heat and City’s best efforts to divert the ball away from their goal, numerous shots were made towards their goal. The first goal came from Lizzie Adcock who swept the ball past the keeper. Next, Shirley Mc Allen struck the ball hard into the goal from a short corner, not once but twice! Bex Potruff, determined to score a goal, took a pass from Shirley and slammed the ball home.

During the second half, City moved up a gear and started to gain possession of the ball. Our defenders had to work hard to block City’s forwards but Livvy Carless smashed the next ball home. Then we were awarded a long corner, taken by Shirley McAllen, who skilfully took the ball around City defenders and scored a hat- trick. City finally took the ball past our defenders, made a decent shot at our goal and scored. However, Bex Potruff managed to swipe the ball from beneath the goalkeeper’s foot and push it home before the final whistle. We were ecstatic to say the least.

Score: 7 – 1

Joanna Meyer

Magpies hockey report – Ladies’ 7ths

Loddon 2nds 1  Magpies 7ths 0

Our last match of the season was played away at Loddon. With a chilly wind, the match started with Loddon taking possession of the ball and more or less keeping it for the first half of the game. Yet their efforts at goal-scoring came to nothing because as our brave defenders stopped them entering the circle. Karen Hunt stopped any forwards in their tracks, whilst Daphne Beckett tackled the opposition with skilful playing. Ella Drake took a bash to the leg but made some fine runs up the wing.

During the second half, we certainly had the ball more and even shots at the goal by Bex Potruff and Georgia. Loddon had a few short corners but luckily these were diverted. Long shots up the pitch seemed to work and there was some brilliant passing from our midfield to the forwards but Loddon were expert passers and just before the final whistle they scored a goal.

Score: 0 – 1

Joanna Meyer


Magpies ladies 7s hockey report

Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Breckland Ladies.

Magpies arrived at Watton for an early match to find that the pitch had been double-booked! With possession being nine tenths of the law, we gnashed our teeth a bit and then both teams drove in convoy to Thetford. The game started well with play spread fairly evenly. Shirley McAllen managed to stop the Breckland forwards in their tracks and feed the ball up to Emily Howland who made some fantastic runs. Yet, Breckland made a few swift passes and scored. Within minutes they scored again and despite the best efforts of our defenders, managed another goal before halftime.

The second half saw Sara Herschel-Shorland take the ball to Breckland’s circle but their defenders deflected every shot at goal. Breckland soon scored despite Bev Barber’s great defence work and Daphne Becket taking on two forwards at once. The ball shot from end to end and Lili Mohiddin fought hard to stop the winger from reaching the circle but soon another goal was scored. Despite being a tiny bit out-classed, and Breckland went on to score two more goals, the game was thoroughly enjoyable and we left the pitch smiling.

Score: 0 – 7

Joanna Meyer

Magpies match report – Ladies 7ths

Magpies Ladies 7th team versus Norwich City Ladies 7th team.

Magpies played Norwich City at Taverham in a late match – late being an understatement. We ran back and forth to the loo just to keep warm whilst waiting for our game to start. Finally, fielding ten players, we took the first push and things looked hopeful with Annie Lancaster making fine runs towards the City goal but their defenders soon sent the ball flying. City scored a quick goal but worse was to follow when Jane Collins, a staunch defender, was hit hard and needed to leave the pitch. With just nine players, City scored again.

At half time, skipper Karen Ray decided that we would play defensively and this worked well. We played hard and ran hard, blocking out the City forwards and any who sneaked past were stopped in their tracks by Karen Hunt. The game was highly enjoyable, if a little exhausting, and there was certainly no slacking. City managed another goal against us nine but we had a good game.

Score: 0 – 3

Joanna Meyer