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Mens 6th Team v Bury St Edmunds 7s W 6-4

The Men’s 6s travelled to Bury St Edmunds to play one of their three teams in division 6NE (s) and on this occasion the opposition was Bury 7s.

Magpies started brightly going 2-0 up with goals from Richard Alcock and Jack Glover. Bury got one goal back from a short corner to beat Luca Tomson, who had made some excellent saves in the lead up. A further goal for either team before the break made the score 3-2. After the break magpies started brightly increasing the lead to 5-2 with a further goal from Jack Glover (Hatrick) and Simon Rodwell. A good passing move from Elliott Chapman and Elliott Cooper resulted in magpies getting their sixth goal – a tap in for Elliot Cooper. The magpies defence of Mark, Eric, Paul, Myles and Harry battled hard but further pressure from two well drilled short corners brought the Bury tally to 4. The game finished 6-4 to Magpies giving the team their 4th win on the road this season.

Mens 6th Team Match Report 16th September 2017

Mens 6th Team vs Norwich Dragons (Away (F) W 3-2)

Today was the mens 6th team first true match of the season, and with the weather being particularly wet prior to push back we were forced into an early team bonding moment as 13 of us tried to shelter from the torrential downpour into 1 dugout! This clearly had the desired effect, as within 10 minutes of the new season, we took the lead against a mainly youthful Dragons team, via the push/shot of Mark Ash. For a change this season, the mens 6s side is looking more youthful also. With the spine of the team the same as last season, we have gained some new blood. Alan has joined us from Dragons, and via Eric, we have recruited Simon and son Harry from a local Cricket club. We also welcome Jack, normally known for his National League Umpiring abilities, he has now decided to pick up a stick on a Saturday. Half time arrived with Magpies still  1 goal to the good. The second half had the tables turned as Dragons took a 2-1 lead, firstly via a neatly deflected goal, and then via a smart short corner routine. Magpies then showed good character to equalise via the stick of Jack, following a scramble in the area and after good work from Joe Walker in the D, including forcing the Dragons keeper into a smart save, Simon hit the backboard, to be what was the winning goal. Magpies showed a solid defensive performance, and played some of the best hockey they have in at least 1 season! Good signs for the rest of the campaign. Everyone played well, however stand out performances from, Jack, Alan, Joe, Mark Ash and Mark Collins.

Match Report – Men’s 6ths – Saturday 30 January 2016

UEA 3rds 1 Magpies’ 6ths 2

The Men’s 6’s took their four match unbeaten run to face the youth of UEA with a much changed team. Four players promoted to the 5’s and the late withdrawals of Chopper and Pete Finnie meant only 10 brave souls making the push back.

An even first half of few chances finished goalless as the students tried to play with width to make their numerical advantage count but finding Magpies resolute in defence. A more open second half saw Magpies take the lead when Simon Bardwell converted from a short corner, the ball being played back to him to slip beyond the reach of the keeper. Magpies then contrived to miss a number of chances set up by Jon Wells and his midfield support meaning the students continued to pose a threat. With seven minutes remaining, and an unlikely victory beginning to look a reality, UEA scored when Simon Bardwell, attempting to clear a short corner, inadvertently deflected past stranded keeper, and Skipper for the day, Steve Halliley.

Undeterred Magpies went in search of victory and UEA’s keeper made an outstanding save with his outstretched left hand, though I’m not sure he knew too much about it. Three minutes from time and Magpies had a shot cleared off the line by the body of the last defender but the umpire, to everyone’s disbelief, awarded a short corner. This became three in a row and from the last the ball was slipped to Jon Wells who drove it home. Magpies then adopted the ‘keep it in the corner and don’t let them touch it’ approach’ holding on for a well deserved and hard fought victory. Magpies are now in the heady position of 4th in the league and hope to continue their unbeaten run at home to Norwich City 7s this coming Saturday.

Mens 6s Match Reports 24&31 Jan

Minuscule Improvement

Saturday 24th January

Magpies 6s v Ipswich 3s

The reverse fixture saw these two sides have very different afternoon, with Ipswich running out with a battering win of 11-1. The same nearly happened in this fixture. We made the mistake of scoring first again, which only seemed to wake sleeping tigers. By half time it was 6-1 to Ipswich.

This is not to take away the individual skill of James Webster upfront for Magpies who opened the match scoring with a well placed, powerful reverse stick shot. James has been a very useful addition to the 6th team this year, long may his contributions continue.

Ipswich were fielding, in the words of one of their players, “their strongest 11 of the season”, and apparently, a certain ‘mr.cook’ was playing his first game for Ipswich since September. Needless to say, his brilliance was by far and away too good for Magpies.

Ipswich added 4 more goals to their first half total, and Magpies, added another reverse stick shot goal, again from James Webster. 10-2 final score. It did highlight a slight error of judgement in Magpies HC decision making, in my opinion. Why, when the scoreboard was added the the sand pitch this season, does it not have the facility for double figure scoring? In this day and age of fast, flowing, free scoring games, I feel it is a necessity, especially when the Mens 6th team are playing :).

Steve in goal yet again played well, keeping the score much lower than it could have been. He remembers Ipswich having 31 shots in the away fixture. I believe it was a similar amount in this meeting.

MOTM; James Webster

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

“Legends are made like this!”

Saturday 31st January

IES 4s v Magpies 6s

Driving to Ipswich, knowing what weather had been forecast, we were all wondering if any hockey would actually be played. Temperatures were of extreme coldness. Before I even ventured out to the pitch, I stood up in the bar watching another match being abandoned due to the snow. Going outside to join the rest of the team, the snow just got heavier, and snow stuck to hockey balls being rolled around the pitch. The Umpires decided to wait for the snow to stop.

The snow did cease, and play started. Almost immediately the snow started again. However it was more sleet&rain than snow. The effect of 24 people running around the pitch seemed to be enough to assist with the melting process of one of the ‘smurf’ pitches which IES Hockey Club now have the use of.

Once all players had got used to the sub zero temperatures, normal hockey was played. IES took the lead from open play after a double save from keeper Steve rebounded kindly to an IES player for an easy tap in.

Much to the credit and determination of the Magpies team, and quite against the run of play. Skipper Eric found himself with the ball at the top left of the D and with the out rushing IES keeper, Eric skilfully hit a reverse stick shot into the goal. 1-1, and with it, the last 3 goals the 6th team have scored have all been reverse stick shots!

IES took the lead again about 10minutes after the Magpies equaliser. From a stupidly conceded (Hamish!) short corner, IES regained the lead. Half time was one of the briefest breaks I have ever had during a hockey match, about 2minutes. Most players just wanted to keep moving to keep warm.

The 2nd half resumed in a similar vein at the first, with Magpies spending 90% of the time defending. However, with about 10 minutes to go, an assist from Eric to Vice Captain Joe, perfectly weighted in speed, allowed joe to pass the ball past the on rushing IES keeper, to draw the scores level at 2-2.

Magpies had two other golden opportunities to score again. First Jon Wells, having made a mazy run beating 4 players, lobbed the keeper, only for the skilful above head stick intervention of an IES defender to stop the goal. Roger Kent also had a good shot saved, and after good harassing from Marc Ash, the ball was passed back to Roger for another go. Unfortunately, the pass hit his body in helping him control the pass, so the move went no further.

With less than 2 minutes remaining, the whistle blew awarding IES a short corner, seconds before they put the ball in the back of the net. The umpire then changed his mind awarding the goal. However after immediate protests from the Magpies players, the umpire reversed his decision again, going back to his original short corner decision. Two short corners later, the final whistle blew and Magpies ‘smash and grab’ was complete against the joint 2nd in the league team. A brilliant team effort in horrendous weather. A similar performance will be required again next week away at the league leaders.

A quick mention to a brilliant reaction save from Steve, the ball was fired into the D by IES, their striker stuck out his stick which diverted the ball heading for the bottom corner, making Steve pull off a remarkable save with his outstretched right foot.

Magpies Mens 6s fact; in the last season and a half, whilst being the bottom mens side at the club, this is the first league match which we have drawn!!

MOTM; Jon Wells, Roger Kent, Andy Smith, Steve Halliley.

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Match Report – Magpies’ Men’s 6ths – Saturday 10 January 2015

BSE 3rd XI 2 – Magpies’ 6th XI 3

Magpies travelled to Bury in atrocious conditions to find the pitch perfectly playable but with a gusty wind into which Magpies chose to play for the first half. Both teams settled quickly but with Bury intent on pushing for promotion they were quickly into their stride. Solid Magpies defending, a feature throughout the game, was to see Bury’s forwards thwarted at every turn. Magpies took the lead midway through the first half when Dom Absolon beat a man at the top of the D following a short corner and slotted the ball home. Magpies didn’t look threatened throughout the half but were undone by a questionable flick being awarded as the half drew to a close. Ian Absolon appeared to clear off the line from a short corner strike perfectly legitimately but both umpires took a different view and with the powerful, well directed flick finding the net it was all square at half time.

The second half started with Bury pushing forward but with their forwards being denied time and space Magpie’s goal was rarely threatened. From a short corner which bobbled around near the goal line Magpies were awarded a flick of their own. Despite no one being clear as to why this has been awarded Dom wasted no effort in dispatching the ball to the roof of the net. Bury pushed hard in response and had their forwards exhibited more team work and a little more composure they may well have got back into the game, which their play certainly warranted. With five minutes left Jerry Herod decided it was time to take the ball in the corner and kill time. From one of these forays the ball was centred and another short corner awarded, this time put away decisively by Johnny Wells. This only left time for Bury to be awarded as short of their own. The direct shot could only be deflected by the keeper’s stick once again on to the foot of the unfortunate Ian. With the final whistle having been blown this was scored to ensure the score line was a little more reflective of the game.

An excellent result and team performance all round this week. Magpies should take great encouragement from this result to Lowestoft Railway next week. With this level of performance being repeated keep an eye on this team as they try and perform their own version of the Great Escape to avoid relegation.

Man of the match – Alfie Fawkner

Squad – Steve Halliley, Johnny Wells, Ian Absolon, Jamie Lawrence, Hamish Harvey, Marc Ash, Dom Absolon, Jerry Herod, Alfie Fawkner, James Webster, Greg Jagger.

Report written by Steve Halliley basking in the glory of captaining a winning team !!!!!!

Mens 6th team


Saturday 29th November

Magpies 5s v Magpies 6s

With injuries effecting both teams, both had to borrow players from higher teams to allow both teams to field 11 each. Once the match started, there was none of the usual seeing what each team is about. Both teams just went for it, with end to end attacks. The first half was dominated by the 6th team, however, it wasn’t in scoring terms. The 5th team scored, with what several of the 6th team saw to be a goal scored by the illegal side of the stick. Unfortunately, 1 umpire didn’t see the incident, and the one who did, didn’t think there was an infringement…they can only blow what they see.

The 2nd half had a much more 5th team dominance to it. Despite this, the 6th team did still provide some threat upfront. The 5th team were very lucky to have former 2nd team?keeper in goal for them, making his first appearance for the club this season. He was called into action several times in both halves, and in my opinion was the main reason the away side didn’t score.

The 5th team rounded off their victory, with in Sol Barker’s words, “the best shot I have hit this season”. In everyone else’s eyes, I’m afraid Sol, a clear mis hit, which completely wrong footed Steve in goal. But they all count, and that was the knock out blow in this encounter.

With several injuries being incurred by some of the elder statesman on both sides, it was good to hear that the O50’s still managed to win, despite not having these players available.

The 6th team played very well, and probably as well as the previous weekend in their victory over Dereham.

MOTM; Tim Johnson

Saturday 6th December

Bury 3s v Magpies 6s

League match postponed due to Frozen Pitch.

Both teams met 30minutes later than originally planned in an effort to allow for the sun to defrost the pitch. I don’t think it ever was going to succeed. The temperature was 3.5degrees. 3/4 of the pitch never left the shade, and the rest was still pretty solid. So it was decided that it was not safe enough for a league match.

However, a well mannered and competitive friendly was played between the two sides on a 3/4 pitch, with two halves of 15minutes.

MOTM; Alfie Fawkner

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Mens 6s

Another Victory… last!

Saturday 22nd November

Magpies 6s v Dereham 4s

With the welcome return of ‘out on loan’ Jon Wells, which had lasted 2.5 seasons…..he resumed his position and had a very good match, nothing else would be expected from myself. We arrived to be told that we had 13…this shortly became 12, as one of the clubs newest members didn’t arrive, I like to think that his role within the RAF meant that he was unable to attend with a last minute national emergency which meant he couldn’t inform Eric. Lets hope there isn’t another emergency this weekend, as I believe we may be short on players.

The 12 players we were left with were a strong looking bunch, a mixture of strength, skill, youth and experience. We played with verve, using our wings well and passing and moving the ball with precision. This led to a goal by James Webster in the first half. I must add that James in my opinion had his best games to date for Magpies, more to follow I hope James. The 2nd half was much the same as the 1st. It had been discussed at half time, that all we needed to do was continue to play how we had been, as the opposition were showing little threat to us. Any threat they had shown in the first half had been rebuffed by Steve in goal or by the defence wanting a clean sheet almost as much as Steve!

The 2nd and decisive goal arrived thankfully before Eric managed to pulled his hamstring. More on that in a second. His goal was scored from a central position during a short corner routine. The ball injected to Wells who slipped it to Eric who flicked it into the goal just hitting the top of the back board. Eric then had a rest on the subs bench and re appeared at right back, where some how he managed to pull his hamstring! Not quite sure how this is possible, I play in defence as my fitness lasts longer there!!

Dereham did continue to try through out the match, and credit must be given to them as they never gave in. It was a very equal game and well fought in the correct manor. Thanks must also be given to David Johnson and Phil Cobbold who umpired the match well.

Several players played well enough to put themselves in the mix for MOTM. Jon Wells, James Webster, Toby McManus and Steve Halliley. You could argue that waiting 2yrs for a win and a clean sheet, should be met with this award, but steve has already had it this season I believe, so better to go to someone else. Toby, had a very strong game, did nothing spectacular, but everything he did do he put full effort into, so much so, that I called him back to defend on one of our attacking shorts, and he was actually sitting on the bench! Jon, had his best game for the 6s this season 😉 But the award I think has to go to James, he scored our first goal of the game and his first for Magpies, he held the ball up extremely well and made driving runs causing his opposing defenders constant problems.

A very well deserved victory for a brilliant team performance. Thank you to the two supporters who braved to the rain to watch us.

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

MOTM; James Webster

Mens 6s

oh dear…

Saturday 8th

Magpies 6s v Norwich Exiles

The first half of this match from a Magpie point of view is not really worth revisiting, everyone made several individual errors and possession was lost far too easily on many occasions. Many goals were conceded……none scored.

The half time punch line was to try and win or at least draw the 2nd half.

We did at least achieve this, we even took the lead through the first of our two short corners. Dragged out by Roger to the awaiting Andy Smith, who placed a good strike in the bottom left of the goal.

Magpies were playing a lot better in the 2nd half, causing more problems for the Exile defence. But unfortunately the damage had been done in the first half. Exiles also scored 1 goal in this half.

Pride was the only thing being played for in the 2nd half, meaning some players were being a little more physical than others. On one occasion a Magpie had to be held back and then the umpire gave him 10 seconds out, being a little disorientated having been illegally taken out and receiving a bang to the head on the pitch. For some unknown reason the fowling player was not carded. This did at least show some passion and pride within the magpie ranks, which was sorely missing in the first period.

Pleasing performances were from Toby McManus and Eric Davy in goal (although Eric may disagree).

Man of the Match goes to Roger Kent, our most skilful player on the team, he plays every week out of position to try and help the team. His display on Saturday was obviously marred by the result, but none-the-less appreciated by his team mates, especially his defensive team mates!

The only silver lining of this result was that we were one of 3 mens sides who lost by a similar scoreline.

MOTM; Roger Kent

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Mens 6s match report


Saturday 1st November

Bury 4s v Magpies 6s

On a day which felt more like a day in June we were all basking in the glorious sunshine and admiring the blue sky amongst the very pleasant backdrop of Culford School (there are also many other good public schools in the area). The 6th team have had a poor season to date with their only points coming in the very first league game of the season, since then it has been only defeats to ponder, and i’m afraid this was the case today also.

The first half was very much the more equal and competitive of the two. Both sides were having opportunities. Bury had the first opportunity to score when Magic was penalised by stopping a ball entering the goal on the line with his body. The resultant flick was poor, but none-the-less well saved by the legs of Steve in goal. Bury soon carved out another opportunity, and with defending being lapse, Magic was left with two to mark, he went to the player at the top of the D to try and halt the attack, but this player passed to an unsighted attacker at the near post who neatly popped the ball over the line. This however had a spurring effect on Magpies, whom within a couple of minutes were scoring their own goal. As highlighted by Roger at half time, it showed what happens when we make simple passes and make good runs off the ball. This allowed a lively and skilful George Hunt to strike from the top right of the D into the bottom left of the goal.

1-1 at Half time.

The second half I’m afraid was marred by one moment of ridiculous Magpies defending and two umpiring decisions which defied belief in the Magpies camp. All 3 moments led to goals for Bury within a 10 minute period. Magpies also suffered from a lack of a decision being made at the other end, from a short corner a good shot was struck only for it to hit a Bury foot on the line and then the post. Nothing given.

4-1 to Bury at Full time.

It must be pressed home that every single one of the 12 players representing Magpies during the match put a lot of effort in and couldn’t have done much more for the team. Special mention goes to Marc Ash, since he first pulled on a Magpie shirt a few weeks ago, his rise in performance has been quite staggering in my opinion, long may it continue.

Man of the Match I think can only be our scorer on the day, I thought he was continuously lively throughout the match, showing skill and pace, and with a little encouragement, even helped out with defending.

MOTM; George Hunt

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Mens 6s match report

Dragons came to Harleston top of the league, so we were expecting a tough match.
In a close first half we went into the break 1-0 down.

Into the 2nd half and with riled tempers on both sides, both teams ended up going down to 10 men. First a Dragons player to be yellow carded, for persistent whinging.
Magpies capitalized on this and drew level through Andy from a short corner. Within minutes however, Andy went from hero to villain and was yellow carded for questioning the logic and eyesight of the officials one too many times.

This coincided with a substitution up front so Joe found himself in an unfamiliar role of centre half for the last 15 minutes of the match, and was powerless to prevent a cross-cum-shot being diverted in from close range with 10 remaining. A very creditable 2-1 loss to top of the table opposition.

Reporter; Joe Walker (vice-captain)

Mens 6s Match Report


Ipswich 3s v Magpies 6s

Saturday 11th October

I was criticised of the above statement following last weeks match report, with statements like, “I required a strong drink after reading it”. So this weeks report will be in a completely different style to normal.

We lost this match to a quick and skilful team today. They did the simple things extremely well, in combination of having 4or5 extremely talented youngsters who are surely destined for big things in years to come.

Magpies did the simple things badly today.

The score was 3-1 to Ipswich at half time today. Magpies goal coming through Joe Walker for his first of the season.

Man of the Match is in no doubt, for a second weekend running, Steve in goal. He pulled off at least 6 top draw saves today which I would tentatively suggest international keepers would be pleased with.

Please performances were from Marc Ash and Mongo, younger brother of Hamish, on his debut with Magpies.

For the final score, please see Div 5NE website or Club home page.


Mens 6s match report

A lesson to be learnt

Magpies 6s v Railway 2s

Saturday 4th October

With a defence only showing 1 of the defenders from the week before, and the 3 missing, arguably being some of the best in our team, it was always going to be slightly tough. But in summary of the match, funnily enough, the defending was where we did quite well.

Magpies were unfortunately lacking someone up front who could hold up the ball well and get a shot off. More annoyingly, we had someone who can sometimes do this well, standing on the sidelines for the whole of the first half, waiting for childcare to arrive before he could play. When he did play, he scored Magpies only goal!

Railway’s first goal arrived with a powerful cross into the D, and with Magic dropping his stick at the worst possible moment, he was unable to challenge when needed to try and stop the Railway striker from connecting with the ball. Unfortunately connect he did and slotted home a very good shot in between post and the goal keepers foot.

Magpies were making progress forward but lacking in a final product, I don’t believe the opposition keeper was tested at all in the first half. It was also full of over adventurous passes and loosing possession easily and carelessly on a regular basis.

1-0 at half time.

The 2nd half improved with the welcome introduction of Chopper. Unfortunately the big difference between the two sides still remained, as Railway had massive pace and moderate skill upfront. Something Magpies I’m afraid were lacking on this occasion. Railway soon went 2-0 up from a short corner which had been needlessly conceded following a reckless challenge from a Magpie player.

Magpies did score, from a very good shot by Chopper from the top right of the D. A powerful and accurate shot into the bottom left of the goal, giving the Railway keeper no chance.

There after Railway did everything in their power to break up play, on at least 5 occasions they didn’t get 5 yards on Magpie free hits, causing a further breakup in any Magpie progression. Alas, the umpires saw no problem with this and it went unpunished.

Railway scored their 3rd goal following a lack of communication between goal keeper and defender, leaving an easy tap in for a Railway player. 3-1 final score.

Railway were not in fact that much better than Magpies. However they wanted it so much more it was frustrating. The same mistakes were still creeping from the first half into the second and people were making silly fouls in silly places.

A massive improvement next week is a must if a win is to be achieved next week. One of the two positives from the match was the performance of Steve in goal, without his several saves, the score would have been much worse.

Man of the Match; Steve Halliley

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Mens 6th – Match Report

Defence, Defence, Defence!

Saturday 27th September

Pelicans 4s v Magpies 6s

With 6 changes to the squad from the opening league victory, it seems the life of the bottom mens side of the club is not set to change, despite dropping a side this season. So as it happened, two completely new, but very welcome new members were present, not that most of the team knew their names until half time! So welcome, Mark Ash and Ed Williamson.

The match started off at a good pace, Magpies passing well and creating several good opportunities, and in the words of Captain Eric, we should have been 3-0 up at half time, all 3 scored by him if this had been the case. As it was. Half time arrived and 1-1 was the score. Pelicans opened the scoring from a short corner, it wasn’t a great routine, but none-the-less not brilliant defending and the ball entered the goal. Magpies equalised when Ed Williamson was urged by his team mates to use his pace and skill. He duly obliged running half of the pitch and scoring. Half time gave the welcome appearance of supporter Graham Ramm to give some much respected tactical advice.

The 2nd half was more of the same, Magpies passing got better and we still produced good scoring opportunities, but were still fragile at the back. Pelicans took the lead again from another poor short corner from the away teams point of view. Magpies soon equalised eventually from Captain Eric. Following a mis-hit shot by one of his team mates, this turned into a brilliant pass, which Eric managed to slip pass the keeper. From this point, Magpies were obviously looking to take the lead for the first time. This meant some of the defence spent more time in the attacking half, leaving Magpies open from Pelican attacks!

Magpies having won one of their many short corners, failed to capitalise once again, and Pelicans duly sprinted up the field. Despite Magic thinking he had done enough to halt their attack, the umpire played advantage, which didn’t give Magic enough time to get to the second player he had been left to mark, and this player duly scored.

Points to learn; when you have so many short corners, don’t shoot every time straight at the on rushing keeper down the middle of the goal. It makes the keeper look far better than they actually are (although to be fair, for his age, he was a good keeper), and it becomes far too predictable and you don’t score.

Defenders are so named because they are meant to defend. Sometimes, in my view, it is better not assist with an attack if you know you don’t have the energy to get back to help defend.

If the two points above are heeded, then this saturday should have a more positive result.

Pleasing performances were seen from Ed Williamson and Eric Davy. But due to it being a debut and scoring, Ed gets the nod for MOTM.

Man of the Match; Ed Williamson

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Mens 6th Report

New Season

Magpies Mens 6s v Bury Mens 3s

Saturday 20th September

The new season started off in normal fashion, although we had 13 players all turn up on time eager to play, we didn’t have two umpires eager to umpire. Due to a ‘communication issue’ between the new umpire organiser and captain, it was apparent that there were no umpires available…despite this shortage, I successfully managed to find two umpires willing to cover the match within 10 minutes of being set this task.

It was good to see old faces return for another competitive season, but also good to see players making their competitive league debuts for Magpies, namely, Tom Norton, James Webster, and John Lascelles. With our regular keeper being called up to the Mens 3rd team, our NEW Captain Eric deputised in goal, (he says himself this is his best position on the pitch, but he prefers to play outfield and keep fit).

It was quickly evident that the game was going to be competitive. Bury started well, dominating the early proceedings, with Magpies occasionally managing to relieve pressure by giving passes for the fast running Fabien to chase. Half way through the half Magpies conceded from open play following a poor clearance from Eric in goal and then poorer defending from the defence, allowing Bury to score un-challenged from the top of the D. From then on Magpies soaked up lots of pressure from the attacking and quick Bury team. On one of the ever increasing Magpie attacks Fabien caught up with one of the searching balls passed from his team mates and headed towards goal, Bury’s keeper (usually Bury’s 1st team keeper), ran out, Fabien push the ball round him and was then taken clean out. This resulted in a P Flick for Magpies. Roger Kent took responsibility for taking this, he got lovely purchase on the effort, but this led to it missing the top left of the goal and not testing the keeper. Two theories are being put out as to why this flick was missed. Roger’s vision being obscured by his current allergic reaction or the fact that too much paint has built up on the P spot over the years, making it more of a hill, and therefore difficult to use. Which ever of these is the answer, it meant at half time Bury took a deserved lead into half time.

The 2nd half was more of the same, each side showing full commitment and effort. Magpies using their two subs well, rotating when people got tired. Magpies soon equalised through Fabien Mitchell. A reverse stick shot he said he didn’t miss hit, “ I hit it exactly how I had planned”, mis-hit then Fabien! Not long after this a 2nd goal for Magpies arrived through one of the debutants, John Lascelles, another reverse stick shot. Much defending was required after this. With Magpies keeping Bury at bay and Eric in goal making several brilliant stops.

Stand out performances were from Fabien, Pete Finnie and Eric Davy. Whom without Fabien’s constant quick runs and goal, Pete’s many timely interceptions and tackles and Eric’s many saves, this result would have looked very different. Congratulations must go to the whole team for turning the result around in the 2nd half.

Special mention must also go to David Johnson and Mark Legg for agreeing to umpire at such short notice. Thank you gentlemen.

This was supposed to be a NEW LOOK ‘short’ match report. I clearly have some work to do…

Man of the Match; Fabien Mitchell, Pete Finnie and Eric Davy

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller

Action from Magpies’ 6ths (East League 6NE champions) 2 Bury St Edmunds 4ths 1 on Saturday 8 March 2014

 Matthew Bensly and Robert Dyball (Bury) battle for supremacy

What a defensive lineup!

Rob Bensly in space!

Jerry Blackmore teeing off!

Bury shall not pass

Skipper James Smith leading by example

On the other pitch the Men’s 2nds were being blown away by Bishops Stortford!

Kevin Ridley – you were only the umpire!

Simon Bardwell about to spring into life

The match draws another big crowd

Ewie Cumming says ‘That’s my ball!’

Bury pack their defence

Men’s 6ths – match report


Following on from last week’s end to end 3~2 victory v Holt the 6ths looked to continue their unbeaten record with a difficult trip to Felixstowe. After only scoring 3 last week the strike force was strengthened bringing in more attacking youngsters to compensate for the loss of 2 top defenders. This wasn’t going to be a low scoring match and a difficult challenge to incorporate 5 attacking right sided midfielders!
Felixstowe started strongly using the space created on the left as Magpies loaded the right side.
Veteran goalkeeper Andy Palmer was lost for words as Simon Newbery and star centre back Jack Norton repelled attack after attack before the inevitable Felixstowe goal came. Palmer pulled off a fantastic low save but couldn’t get back to up like he used to and the ball was rolled in. Tactically inept Captain Richard Hunt then brought himself deeper with little effect as Felixstowe scored again. After being 2~0 down against Ipswich East Suffolk and getting a 2~2 draw the score line didn’t affect the youngsters and the game began to turn with some fantastic hockey with Jack Frere Smith, Jack Newbery and debutant Ollie Sharpe completely controlling the right hand side and Magpies began to get the chances they deserved. After numerous short corners another break down the right saw speedy left midfielder Gavin Kiernan slot in his first league goal with an accurate shot to the keepers right. With no time to restart magpies went into half time with their heads up trailing 2~1.

With the help of experienced midfielder James Smith the team talk was all positive and the boys knew we could win the game.
Magpies dominated the first part of the second half and with superior speed and fitness the young strike force outplayed Felixstowe. The quality of the passing and movement off the ball was fantastic to watch. Harry Haigh deservedly scored the equaliser and it wasn’t long before he had his second another well finished goal created down the right. With a 3 ~ 2 lead and complete dominance Magpies couldn’t hold onto the lead as Felixstowe broke straight down the middle and scored. The game then became very open with chances at both ends but it was great skills from Jack Newbery that put magpies back in front 4~3. Magpies had chances to finish the game off but couldn’t take them and with minutes to go a basic defensive error by Richard (just clear it next time) Hunt,who must have had his mind on the team for next week, cost the team a well deserved victory with the game finishing 4~4.
Man of the Match: Harry Haigh
DoftheD: Richard Hunt
Thanks to James Smith for his valuable input and Andy Palmer putting up without much of a defence.
Credit goes to all the boys who played amazingly well and the future is very bright for attacking hockey for years to come!
A final well done to Oli Clarke , Ollie Sharpe and Hamish Harvey who all have made their debuts for the men’s teams this season and for all playing out of their natural positions for the good if the team. With only 4 scored you can all play up front next week.

If you want to see the future of the club in a goal fest we are at home at 4pm next Saturday.

Richard Hunt

Harleston 6ths 1 Harleston 7ths 4

Harleston Magpies 6th XI 1 Harleston Magpies 7ths 4

For the first time in several months the 7ths played a game at Weybread that started before sunset. So blinking in the bright light and wearing a natty blue away strip the 7ths started this most local of local derbies without on field skipper Bardwell who was on a mission in Prague to increase Anglo-Czech relations.

A contrast in styles was evident from the warm ups with the 6ths going through a series of organised training exercises and the 7ths trying to decide who would be on field captain- a coalition was the answer, and who would play where- waste of time as forgotten by the first whistle.

The early exchanges involved a little sibling rivalry between the brothers Blackmore with honours even. 7ths took the lead after ten minutes where a break gave Roger Kent a shooting chance and his shot found the corner of the goal. Jon Wells then added a second direct from a short corner before muddled defending presented the 6ths with a goal. The two goal difference was restored when a Kent shot was well saved but Jon Wells lifted the rebound into the goal.

The 6ths were not without ideas or creativity but too often their final pass lacked accuracy.

7ths had two excellent moves that came to nothing before a flowing move saw Joe Walker cut in from the left and meeting the ball first time put it into the roof of the net.

Thanks go to the crowd for their unbiased support and to the 6ths for the best away tea we have had.


Harleston Magpies VIth V Norwich City VIth
3.15 pm Saturday 20th September 2008

The expectant crowd had assembled at a sun drenched Weybread deep in the Waveney Valley for this much heralded friendly between two old foes.

Harleston Magpies fielded 3 of the 4 adults on the pitch who are possibly closer to drawing their pensions than sitting their GCSEs.

This age variance was evident in the first half and Magpies raced to a half time lead of 8 to 2, thanks to goals from Aldridge (2), Graham T (2), Blandy (1), Biggins (1), Green (1) and Ashurst (1). The Norwich scorers were Mullis and Taylor.

By this time the reporter had writer’s cramp but boldly carried on.

It was a different story in the second half with Norwich looking to turn the tide and King Canute was definitely on form. The sides were well matched after the break with both scoring 2 goals. The City Slickers scoring through Marchant and a penalty from the youthful Cushion, just beating the goalkeeper Graham J. The Magpies feathers were not ruffled and they responded through 2 goals from Carpenter.

Final score 10-4.

The crowd went home content in the knowledge that they had witnessed a sporting and entertaining contest free from any controversy.