Dereham 6ths 2 Harleston Magpies 7ths 4

Dereham 6ths 2 Harleston Magpies 4

With several players on parental duties with the youngsters at indoor tournaments, and Roger Kent dropped to the 5th team in an attempt to rediscover his goal touch there were some new but not exactly fresh faces in the Magpies line up.

Despite having less of the ball Magpies attacks were more incisive and they scored after three minutes when Iain Cumming took the ball around the goalkeeper in a style not often seen in the 7ths. Further goals came from a Jon Wells short corner and a long range, for him, shot from Magic.

Half time was reached with Magpies comfortable and 3-0 up.

In the second half, Magpies penchant for innovation hit new heights with John Pestell’s desire to play as a second sweeper despite the encumbrance of the goalkeeper’s pads. This turned out to be the only half so far this season that Magpies have lost as Dereham scored two goals – the first a good individual effort and the second through a misunderstanding of Trott/Strauss dimensions in the Magpies defence. About the only defender blameless for this was Chris Humphries but it would be unfair to explain why. Between these conceded goals a well worked short corner gave Jon Wells his second of the game. Also notable in the second half was Magpies finally giving away a first short corner some 210 playing minutes since the previous one.

Next week Magpies take on second place Bury and will need to be a lot sharper if their 100% record is to remain.