Fund Raising

In addition to attending the club’s fund raising/social events your support of HMHC would be very much appreciated in the following ways:

Lump sum donations
A very direct way of assisting the Club. In addition the Inland Revenue will add 25p to every £1 donated by taxpayers!

Regular donations
Another very direct way of assisting the Club with donations spread over a specified period. £20 per month over two years would contribute a vital £480 and with the Inland Revenue adding 28p to every £1 given by taxpayers this would become £600!

Interest-Free Loans
An invaluable way of saving the Club paying interest charges with repayments spread over 7 years starting after three full years from commencement of the loan.

Sponsorship & Pitch Perimeter Advertising Board

300 Club
£1 per month (or more if you wish) gives you a chance to win monthly and other prizes. 

Other ways of helping the Club
Please let us know any other ways you might be able to help the Club, e.g. helping to run fund raising events.

Social Events Diary

Treacle Griffin-Tayler/Lucy Belsey