Girls Development Team v Yarmouth W 5-0

After a short half-term break, the Girls development team were keen to continue their unbeaten run with an away fixture at Yarmouth.
The opening quarter saw Harleston working hard in the centre of the field, with both Evie  and Beth continually chasing any loose balls and driving up to the D at every opportunity given to them.  With Yarmouth fielding 3 adults, it became apparent that a little more creativity was required in and around the D in order to penetrate this line of defence and slowly, the ball started to be moved a little wider with Jess and Grace on the right and Kate and Flo on the left beginning to stretch Yarmouth out a little wider, leaving much needed space in the middle.  Continuous attacks down the middle and from both wings resulted in numerous short corners, with the first goal eventually coming from a crisp pass from just inside the D from Beth to Flo who cleanly stroked in past the goalie.
The second quarter followed a very similar format, with consistent pressure causing Yarmouth to struggle clearing the ball from their D.  Eventually the pressure told and in the confusion of players and sticks, both Grace (with a close range strike) and Kate (with a rebound off the Goalie) made the score 3 – 0.  For the majority of the first half, the defence of Harriet, Emma, Amy, Isabelle and Sandra was not really troubled, and when afforded the opportunity, had the time to deliver some good accurate passes to runners looking for the ball in the middle and out wide up both wings.
Trusting the girls would continue to perform as competently in the second half, Sandra made various positional changes for both remaining quarters, allowing many of the girls to experience playing out of position and begin to understand the roles/expectations of playing in these different areas.  Even Georgia forewent her normal pads and helmet for a role in central defence!   In keeping with the first half performance, Harleston continued to keep Yarmouth pressed deep into their own half, with plenty of action in and around the D and numerous short corners.  One battle in front of goal gave Flo her second goal and not long after, a powerful drag shot from Flo allowed Beth to touch in for the final goal of the day.
With several of the regular girls not available this week, Jasmine from the Under 11 squad was able to have her first game in goal for the development team. Again, with fewer than normal substitutes, there was plenty of pitch time for all players, particularly many of the Under12s.

Team: Sandra, Evie, Georgia, Emma, Kate, Amy, Flo, Beth, Isabelle, Jess, Harriet, Grace, Jasmine.

Goal Scorers: Flo(2), Grace(1), Kate(1), Beth(1).