Girls Development Team v Pelicans W 11-0


This weekend saw the Girls development team take the long haul north to Kings Lynn, but they were thankfully blessed with fine (but cool!) weather and a lunch time start.

After the first couple of minutes weighing up the opposition, Harleston began to exert pressure in the oppositions half and managed to sustain this pressure for much of the first half. The mid field of Jess, Emma and Rosie were working hard to thwart any escape for Pelicans from their own half, culminating in a regular supply of passes to the forward line of Evie, Ellie and Kate. Good running into space by Ellie was rewarded by a quick pass from Evie resulting in Ellie scoring the first goal. Not long after, a good run from the midfield by Rosie saw her bring the ball up to the D and find Evie, who confidently worked a way through for a successful shot resulting in a goal.  With the midfield supplying good ball and the front line working hard together in and around the D, this successful formation was rewarded by a further 6 goals before half time – the rewards going to Evie(4), Ellie(1) and Rosie(1) 

On the few occasions Pelicans did manage to get through the midfield, Issabelle, Harriet and Lily stood firm in defence, with Amy sweeping behind and covering her sister Jaz in goal.   

For the second half, with confidence the game was won and with ‘development’ in mind, a re-shuffling of positions saw the original defensive line take up the attacking role and likewise, the attacking line forming up in defence – a new formation enjoyed by most!  

Similar to the first half, most of the play was in the opposition’s half which gave new opportunities to numerous players finding their feet in unfamiliar positions. Some good battling up front from Harriet, Jess and Amy resulted in a loose ball falling to Kate, who managed to knock in past the keeper.  Numerous short corners saw Jess confidently delivering good ball into the D but through no lack of effort, the ball would not go into the goal. With a good run down the right from Evie, the ball was delivered to Kate, then immediately into Jess in the D who, after a short battle of wills, managed to get the ball over the line to score. With Amy and Harriet working hard but continually being denied in front of goal, a good run into the D by Rosie and Evie saw Rosie finally work the ball into the goal for the last score of the match.

Team: Jaz, Amy Lily, Harriet, Issabelle, Jess, Emma, Rosie, Kate, Evie, Ellie

Goal Scorers: Evie(5), Ellie(2), Rosie(2), Kate(1), Jess(1).