Harleston Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 3rds 0-2 UEA 1sts

We all knew we had a tough game ahead of us, but our hopes and our confidence were high after a fantastic game last week against Christchurch.

Once on the pitch, and after another ‘enthralling’ captain’s pre-match team talk from Leggy, we ensured we had our heads on and that the intensity was up from the start.

With the quick UEA forward line catching us slightly off-guard from the first whistle, a lifted ball drifting over everyone’s heads and managed to reach the back of the net within the first minute. With encouragement from Lucy Field, Char Rourke Beasley and Katie K, spirits were kept high and we were determined not to let this faze us and we pushed hard to not let the students dominate the game.

A string of defensive short corners lay ahead of us, one of which sadly leaving super-star-defender Sophie Child with a rather tender foot, but thankfully Martha Lawrence adapted her silky skills and stepped in for a game in right defence (and huge well done and thank you to Martha!). UEA managed to lengthen their lead, resulting in a 2-0 half time score, in favour of the opposed.

The half-time team talk mostly consisted of keeping our heads up and emphasis was made on the use of the easy, early passing opportunities, and by the time we were back on the pitch, the whole side were determined to make our comeback, and all knew what needed to be done!

Straight from the off, Magpies had made a huge step up in their game, keeping possession of the ball and making the early passes, and immediately we found ourselves with more time on the ball and our accuracy of pass had improved impressively, giving Leggy and Amy on the forward line the change to give the keeper some hassle! Some fantastic balls into the attacking D from Rhe Lascelles in left midfield deserve some mentioning – precise, flat, powerful passes to a forward on the far post have been a demon move in past games and will surely be one of our strength in the future!

Throughout the whole second half, the newly-promoted ladies team were playing some much better hockey – our own hockey! With Katie K holding her own in centre midfield, with Rhea, Lucy and Lottie Summers making those speedy runs on the wings, and Char and Phoebe Preece making their presence known in the ‘screen’, we were creating ourselves some much better opportunities for a goal, but unfortunately, after some close chances from Amy and Leggy, to no prevail.

With some slight miscommunication, and everybody starting to tired after a tough match against their fit second in the league opponents, the students managed to squeeze another goal in before the final whistle blew.

All in all, we cannot be too disheartened after the result today, we knew that would be a tough opposition, but once we got into our stride and played the hockey we all know we’re capable of playing as a team, we really held our own against these East League veterans.

New week we play Colchester 2nds (away) at 12.30… a mid-table clash – lets bring our game faces ladies!

wo-Man of the match – Jade Daley after some “SUPER SAVES – WOO HOO!” (to quote Mrs Lascelles)