Ladies 2nds v Newmarket (Home (L) W 3-0)

Magpies ladies 2’s were at home this Saturday in the much anticipated and over due fixture against Newmarket. Magpies started as they meant to go on outing strong pressure on the Newmarket defence we dominated the first half and Newmarket struggled to get the ball out of their half. Woman of the match  Katherine Ridley was feeding some good balls into the circle for the forwards, however the forwards struggled to find the net with lots of outfield Newmarket players packing the home teams attacking D.The first goal came from a strike from a Penalty corner the keeper saved the first shot and Anouska Stott was on hand to slot home in the second phase. The second goal came from a good initial pass in from out side the 25 and a little touch from Tibbenham helped the Ball through for Anouska to make the score 2-0. Magpies continued to push forward and a third goal came from a well timed strike from Emily to make the final score 3-0.