Ladies 2s Match Report

Harleston Magpies 3 Dereham 0

Playing at home this week against bottom of the table Dereham, Magpies were out for yet another win to maintain their unbeaten record.

Within the first five minutes of the game, Magpies found the ball being played dangerously by Dereham in their own half, meaning that goalkeeper Flora Marfleet had to make a crucial save to prevent Magpies from going 1-0 down. Soon enough however, Magpies were on top form and the ball was in the Dereham half with players creating opportunities and gaining repeated short corners. Continuous efforts and excellent linked play down the right hand side won Magpies their fourth short corner of the game with a near miss on the back post. Quick to react to this, Dereham had a fast break winning themselves their first short corner of the game, but Magpies defence stayed strong and confidently cleared the ball back into their attacking half. Yet another short corner was won by Magpies where after some battling, Lucy Whiting assisted Krystal Bishop on scoring the first goal of the game. Soon after, following a harsh decision from the umpire and dispute from other players, Tania Pendreich was given a yellow card towards the end of the first half.

Beginning the second half of the game with only ten players, Magpies had to keep their concentration to stay in the lead. When the team was brought up to eleven players again, Saffron Wilford gained the first short corner of the half. With Lauren Barber striking the ball, Emily Brown was found on the back post to score Magpies’ second goal. Before long, Dereham had won themselves a short corner which was lifted into a brave Siobhan Wooltorton and then assertively cleared out of the Magpies half. Great speed from the Magpies’ attackers brought the ball into Dereham’s half yet again where a reverse stick pass from Lucy Whiting found Tania Pendreich, who deflected the ball into the goal giving Magpies a 3-0 lead. With Dereham fighting back hard, the ball was played around in Magpies half leading to some strong defending from Frances Taylor and Siobhan Wooltorton. However a short corner was soon won by the opposition, but was cleared by the Magpies’ defence with assurance. The ball was soon brought back into the Dereham half with the Magpies dominating play and winning more short corners which they were unfortunate to convert into another goal. Determination kept Magpies going strong with Lucy Whiting making a dive at goal in the final two minutes of the game which was saved by Dereham’s keeper.

Magpies had their 10th win of the season with Lauren Barber voted as player of the match for her skill and quick reactions throughout the game.