Ladies 3rd Team v Felixstowe W 7-0

As December brought in the dreary weather, an alternative Ladies 3rds team ventured to Felixstowe for their Saturday fix of hockey. With the mix of new players from the 4ths alongside the all-too-familiar faces in the 3rds, and with the average age of this weeks team being a mere 16, as well as having the minimum 11, we were slightly apprehensive of what was to come. After her ever-inspiring pre-match chat (starting with the classic line: “does everyone know everybody’s names?”) Captain Knock lead us onto the pitch.
After a good warm up, being sure to include the absent Rachel Baynes’ classic stretches and some rousing warm-up drills, this young squad were willing to prove why we’re in a solid mid-table position.
Throughout the first half, Magpies never left first gear. With Felixstowe playing a defensive game, only a few opportunities arose in the attacking D. Ramsdale and Pope made some fantastic runs on the left and right midfields with Meynell-Anderson and Harness offering great support for them in the screen.
Some missed chances within the first half meant it was 0-0 going into the half time break.
With some of the locals popping down (Meg Brown and John Adams) alongside Jason Harness on the side-line, some vital support and encouragement was given in the half time huddle, which in hindsight, have this squad the spark it needed.
The second half was completely the opposite to the first. Magpies had found their feet, and with the first goal of the game being smashed against the backboard in a short corner strike by Leggy, the ball was most certainly rolling!
Another break down in play saw the ball be swiftly given to Harness who cleanly had a backwards strike which founds it’s place in the bottom right corner, 2-0.
This young side grew in confidence every minute. Support from the back from Knock, Evans-Hendrick and Slade, who were stepping higher and higher up the pitch as our confidence grew, meant we were quickly transferring the ball from left to right, just waiting for the opportunity for a 3rd goal, and here was that opportunity: another short corner after a convenient foot. With the strike from Leggy making it’s way back to injector Pope, who skilfully slapped it back the Felixstowe Keeper. 3-0, and eager for more!
A speedy run down the right wing from Meynell-Anderson and a deflection of the post saw Leggy tease the ball over the line for the 4th… and the 5th after a scramble on the line.
Magpies continued to play as a team. Remembering our 3 objectives of the day, briefly summerised as: communicate, support and don’t be…er….no it was DO be really good!
With great work ethic throughout the whole team, a 6th goal was due. A turnover in play saw Meynell-Anderson play the ball up the right hand side to Leggy who ran it up the line, clocking one defender and another navy Magpies shirt. After tempting the defender, a slick pass to Green saw a first time slap hit the backboard – and a relieving sounding“FINALLY!!” coming out of Green’s mouth after a few frustrating minutes.
Knock and her defence continues to press higher asnd higher up the pitch, with Evans-Hendricks and Slade making some fantastic runs either side, and Knock striking some cracking ball into the D trying to find the deflection.
The 7th goal was another scramble on the line and after a convenience advantage played by the umpire, Leggy managed to find the backboard once again to secure her 4th and the final 7th goal of the game.
Women of the match today were Leggy and Harness, although the whole team today showed strength, composure and confidence! 

Next week the Ladies 3rds have a tough match against 3rd in the league Watton away.