Ladies 3rds v Watton L 0-2

A challenging start to the season for the ladies 3’s. Fielding a strong team against Watton at the nest, made up with both returning and new players to the club. The action packed game was not for the unfit, both teams were battling hard to get the first goal in, in a high paced game. Watton was the first team to secure goal toward the end of the first half. After half time, Magpies came out fighting to equalise. With a plan in mind and tactical substitutions taking place, it was proving difficult to hit the backboard; even after 5 short corners in a row. Magpies goalkeeper Abi Lewis and the defence Sarah Legg and Woollatt sisters (Katie and Emily), done an amazing job keeping Watton out throughout the game, making some strong tackles and reading the game well. The forward line was looking lethal with a mix up of positions so Leggy can have a run about with Millie, Eva and Amy. But after letting another goal in, time was called.  

Final result: Watton 2 Magpies 0
Magpies are already looking ahead to next weeks game is against Great Yarmouth (Away) at 11.30am.
(Wo)man of the match: PLUM – for being fiery and aggressive and making the tackles count.