Ladies 3rds Match Report

Ladies 3rds 1-2 Yarmouth 1sts

Hello and welcome to the new season with the newly promoted Ladies 3rd team.

Firstly we would like to pay tribute to the late Vaughn Dearling, who taught a few of us at school, coached many of us as we progressed through the club and umpired numerous games over the years, often simultaneously muttering advice to the team in black and white! We are certainly going to miss his presence at the club and his big smiles and hugs.

Back to business, with some strong players unavailable and injuries in higher teams we had a relatively inexperienced side turn up at the nest ready for our first game in this league. We looked nervous as we began and tended to panic when we got the ball. Sophie Baxter, Rachel Baynes and Rosie Blackmore were kept busy early on in defence as Yarmouth’s forwards pushed high up the pitch.

We went 1-0 down when Yarmouth converted a short corner, and they doubled their talley when Blackmore took too long faffing about in the ‘D’, gifting an attacker with a one on one with Jess Harvey in goal. Sophie Baxter took a nasty hit whilst running out for a short corner but thankfully was able to come back on after a break.

Rhe Lascelles, Sarah Legg, Katie Kinsella and Kate Russell used their skill and experience to settle the play down and chances began to appear. We had plenty of long balls smashed into the ‘D’ which our forward line of Phoebe Eglington, Sophie Maynell-Anderson, Amelia Herschel-Shorland and Imogen Maynell-Anderson were often only inches from connecting with.

Our persistence paid off when skipper Sarah Legg coolly slotted away a short corner, bringing the score line to 2-1. Although not the desired result we can definitely take a lot from this game, especially the youngsters, who after mostly playing 5th team hockey last season were slightly thrown in at the deep end!

Duchess of the Day: Phoebe Eglington and Rachel Baynes (who it was great to see after her short lived retirement!)

Finally a big shout out to David ‘Brooksie’ Brooks, who last season somehow managed to transform an unruly rabble into league champions. We can’t wait to have you back DB and wish you all the best with your treatment.