Ladies 3rds Match Report

On this crisp, warm Saturday morning, the Ladies 3rds made the delightful trip… again… to Tuddenham Road to play Ipswich Ladies 2s.

With it slightly on the quieter side in the changing rooms, due to the some ‘chatty’ regulars not being here, Leggy kept the team talk ‘short but sweet’ (and as usual, very unimaginative). We made our way out onto the pitch in plenty of time for a decent warm up, with lots of relevant game situation drills we were sure to be ready for the game ahead.

With just the bare 11 we knew we had to let the ball do the work from the start, and straight away, Amy and Leggy on the forward line set the press, for everyone to find their place behind. We gave the Ipswich defence no choice to play the ball out wide, where Georgie Cantrell in right mid and Rhe Lascelles on the left were eagerly waiting to intercept and get the ball back into the attacking D. A chance was given when Amy DS had a rough tackle from their goalie and Georgie Cantrell stepped up and coolly slipped the penalty stroke in the bottom left corner. 1-0 up, let’s do this!

The strong Ipswich side made some pacey runs down their wings, but were quickly swept up by Amelia HS in right defence, Soph Child on the left and Rach Baynes back in the centre. Any loose balls that appeared were nicely found by Kate and Woolly in the screen, and rapidly swept wide to start the attack over. A lovely cross in from Rhe on the right, somehow found its way onto Leggy’s stick, who calmly dribbled round the final defender and found a one-on-one with the keeper. A slick step from Leggy pulled the keeper right, and with a strong push past her right foot, it was 2-0 soon enough.

Straight after half time, you could tell that both team would have really appreciated having a spare player on the bench, but Magpies fitness was amazing and we continued to keep the pressure on, with Katie Kinsella in centre midfield always finding space to move the ball on quickly around the Ipswich defence. A rare defensive short corner brought the score line to 2-1, but Magpies, as usual, remained unfazed.

Ipswich also continued to pile on the pressure on our defence, and Jade Daly in goal had another fab day at the office, making some crucial saves, even when her own defence fancied giving scoring a go (not mentioning names am I, Katie Woollatt)!

Another chance arose for us when a foot was found in the attacking D and a short corner was given. Amy DS did really well pushing out to awaiting Georgia Cantrell at the top of the D who did some lovely strikes on goal. With the ball finding its way into a scrabble on the goal line, Amy gave it that final touch to push it over the line to lengthen our lead.

With the Ladies fighting out of their skin in the last few minutes to make sure they kept their potential 3 points, a loopy ball flew over Jade’s head bringing it to 3-2 but (thankfully) it wasn’t enough. With 30 seconds to go, Magpies made sure that they kept possession and didn’t do anything silly, and eventually the final whistle blew.

Man of the match: Katie Woollatt, for her ‘constant hassling’, ‘great pressure’ and ‘solid and broke down play’ performance!

We have had such a brilliant first half of the season Ladies. Considering we’re a newly promoted team, currently sitting 5th in the league, it is absolutely brilliant going! We’ve also got such a great team spirit going, encouragement and smiley faces, no matter how the games are going, we are truly a nifty little team our oppositions should not underestimate!!

We’ve got some tough games straight back after the Christmas break so I was going to try and plan some fun sessions of some sort down the club to keep us all fighting fit, even when we’re all knew full of Turkey and minces pies! Our first match back is the 14th of January, at home against Dereham 2nds. Have an absolutely amazing Christmas everybody and we’ll see you all in the new year!