Ladies 3rds match report Sat 29th Oct

Christchurch 1 Magpies Ladies’ 3rds 5

The Ladies 3 took a trip to Ipswich this week to face Christchurch 1 looking for their third win on the bounce. After finally finding the right location we set about building on two previous great performances in the beautiful Autumn sunshine. With new recruits Georgie Cantrell and Helena Knock boosting the side we took control from the first whistle. It’s clear that training on holding our positions, strong distribution and working hard off the ball has proved effective over the last few weeks and we looked strong in all areas. Losing the first goal to Christchurch after a rare intrude into our half gave us a good reminder to concentrate at all times and this kicked us fully in to action. Following this we never looked back and strong work by Helena at the back supported on both sides by Sophie Child and Amelia Herschel-Shorland enabled us to continually deal with any threat from the opposition. Our forward line rotated brilliantly to continually pressure the opposition with captain Leggy leading the way. Strong leads from Kat Bullen and Amy de Selincourt throughout made our equaliser inevitable and a brilliant finish from Amy put us back on track in the match. This was followed by a cracking goal by Charl Rourke-Beasley at a short corner and we finished the first half looking like we could score a bag full in the rest of the game. This proved to be the case in the second half with strong runs from the midfield trio of Katie Kinsella, Lucy Field and Rhe Lascelles totally dominating the game.

Our strong back line including our ‘cleaners’, The Char lady (Charl R B) and the Duchess of Brockdish (Kate Russell) showed that any pressure from Christchurch could be dealt with by determined marking and let’s just say the strong use of the body to prevent any danger of a second goal being let in and this was supported by the ever reliable Jade Daley in goal. Our dominance continued throughout the second half and resulted in the captain’s players of the match, Georgie Cantrell, putting away an absolute stonker of a goal from a tight angle. The Char lady completed her fantastic day with a brilliant strike at another short corner to put the game out of sight and we rounded it all off with a well-deserved final goal from Kat Bullen. We are currently sitting in the top 5 in the league and are showing that we can certainly handle ourselves after getting promotion last year. Next week will surely be our toughest game playing UEA at home; they have certainly been the team to beat so far and we will need to be on our top game to match them.