Ladies 3s Match Report

Magpies Ladies 3s 1-2 North Norfolk 1s

After a loss away at Watton last week, the Ladies Thirds had fire in their bellies as we arrived at the Nest for a mid afternoon push back. The rain had cleared, we warmed up well in our fetching yellow bibs, and the rousing team talk from Captain Leggy ensured that we all knew what we had to concentrate on.

In contrast to last week, we started the game strongly and with clear intent, with The Duchess of Brockdish and Char Rourke-Beasley commanding the midfield and distributing the ball well to Rhe Lascelles and Lucy Field out wide. The forward line of Katie Kinsella, Kathryn Bullen and Sarah Legg made some delightful runs off the ball and the mounting pressure accumulated in a Magpies goal when Rhe slapped it in from the left towards the far post for Kat to dink into the net.

North Norfolk, we soon discovered, have some very speedy forwards who caused the Magpies defence of Krystal Jenkins, Sophie Baxter, Rachel Baynes and Rosie Blackmore some serious problems on the break. Blackmore was left for dust numerous times with Baynes coming to the rescue at full back but on one occasion a ball across our ‘D’ was just out of reach and a North Norfolk forward was able to lift the ball over Jade’s outstretched stick and into the goal.

Despite several of the home team nursing injuries by half time, Magpies came out all guns blazing and were implementing everything that had been asked by the skipper. Lucy was tackling as if her life depended on it and Krystal made a guest appearance upfront. We won a couple more short corners but were unable to convert them, there were also a few to defend but we saw those off with ease in our intimidating red masks.

Annoyingly, against the run of play, North Norfolk found themselves in a 2 verses 1 scenario in the Magpies ‘D’ and utilised the opportunity to go 2-1 up. Despite our beautiful hockey we were unable to get a goal back, resulting in our third defeat of the season. We should however take heart in how far we have come in a short amount of time and bear in mind that we are newly promoted and are holding our own against some much more established teams.

Massive thank you to Jose and David for umpiring, and for Jade bombing it back from an earlier game in Norwich to make some fantastic saves between the sticks for us.

Pirate of the Pitch: Kat Bullen