Ladies 4s Match Report

Loddon 1-2 Magpies 4s

The Ladies 4s were bolstered by the inclusion of Sophie Baxter, Krystal Jenkins and Rosie Blackmore this week away against Loddon. We anticipated a tough match against a strong and experienced side and looked a little scrappy in the first half, panicking on the ball and conceding a goal midway through which ‘keeper Jessica Harvey could do little about.

With the classic combo of Treacle, Rosie and Rachel Goodson we started using the right side of the pitch better and get balls through to Imogen Maynell Anderson, Harriet Celerier, Sophie Maynell Anderson and Georgie Cantrell rather than just smashing them towards the ‘D’ and hoping that somebody would be there.

Helena Knock put in a Madame of the Match worthy performance in central midfield, supported by Emily Evans, Hannah Foxton and Sophie Baxter. Magpies equalised via a cricket shot from Georgie after being set up nicely by Imogen, Georgie then doubled her tally with a beaut of a strike from the top of the ‘D’.