Ladies 4th team match report

The Ladies 4ths travelled to Watton this week for their first post Christmas match, and after an invigorating warm up in a near by park the 4ths made an excellent attacking start to the game. Despite playing with a team that had never played together before and with a lot of players out of their normal position Magpies won a couple of short corners and triumphantly scored on their third attempt by using the ‘Shirley’. Rachel Goodson hit out to Charlotte Rourke-Beasley who did a one two with Caz Aldous-Goodge and the ball was expertly slooted into the back of the net by Catherine Kilbourn. As play resumed Magpies did their old trick of relaxing post goal, but maintained enough control to keep the score at 1-0.

The second half saw Magpies concede a short corner, despite some excellent defending from Emma Tolhurst, Helena Knock, Sophie Maynell-Anderson and Treacle Griffin and Watton scored with a controversial lifted ball in the D. The pressure of the game at this point came to a head as Charlotte Rourke-Beasley accidentally and apologetically got a green card for tackling inside too close to a free hit! Still Magpies used this opportunity to up the pace, thanks to excellent fitness levels, and went on to score from two more short corners and again using the ‘Shirley’ routine from the top of the D. This was great result to kick off the second half of the season and the Ladies 4ths are still very much a force to be reckoned with!

MOM – Charlotte Rourke-Beasley
DOD – Charlotte Rourke-Beasley