Ladies 4th Team v Norwich City 4ths W 8-0

With a chilly 3.00 pm start we welcome Beth Moodie into the 4th team from the 5ths. It was lovely to see Keira Wheeler also return back after a 6 weeks due to injury.
After only 15 seconds of play, Millie Preece dribbled into the D where the ball went onto foot leading to a short corner but unfortunately this wasn’t converted. The ball came off the goalkeeper and was cleared, good positive start to the game though.
Then after 2 1/2 minutes, Honey Lamdin came charging into the D and strike to score our first goal! Not long after, fantastic pass by Katie Woollett straight into the D Millie picked up the ball to make it goal two! Next goal was a fantastic turn in the D by Millie and strike into the goal! Goal 3! Lovely Ball from Imi Ramsdale to Cassie Ayms who slapped it into the back on the goal!!! Goal 4! Short corner, Ellie pushes out to Katie who slips it left to Mille who shoots the ball into the bottom right hand corner of the goal!! Goal 5! 

A awesome long ball from Ellie which Millie passed to the right hand corner of the goal and Kiera Wheeler dinked it into the goal. Goal 6!!! Half time…. 6-0 Phew – time for a quick drink and a chat !!!!

Starting the second half we were still looking for more goals and a Keira hits the ball into the D it bounced off the opposition stick which Honey Lamdin deflects into the goal. Goal 7!!! Lovely stick work from Ellie who pasted it to Imi who smashed it into the back of the net! 8-0!! Bang!!! Katie Woollatt and Grace Collison worked tirelessly in the midfield. Sophie Meynell- Anderson and Sophie Baxter Communicated well as our CB. Abi Lewis in goal didn’t have much to do but when needed did some fantastic saves.

What a fantastic game ladies – well done !!

Shoutout to Andrew Woollatt who is with the under 18s at the indoor competition ! Great support still for the Ladies 4ths and updates by text message were send.

Player of the match – Beth Moodie