Ladies 4th Team v Norwich City 4  D 2-2

In the first half we started a little slow and as their youngest player drove towards the goal she delivered a reverse stick aerial shot that found the back of the net. One nill down in the first couple of minutes, we then gathered momentum and joined some nice passes through the midfield but struggled to make the connection with the forward line. With a lifted cross Kiera struck the ball and scored a brilliant goal to make the score line to one all. Finishing the first half on a high the whistle went and (without jelly) we gathered together to discuss tactics. We started the second half with fast passes up the wings and good low defensive work especially from Kat and Sophie B in defence.  Victoria kindly played upfront this week and was making great runs into the D which unfortunately where not converted into goals. With great work from the midfielders including Sophie M, Ellen,Imi and Julie the ball was passed through into  Kiera who managed to break away from the city’s defence and scored a second goal, continuing with the same velocity we played on pressing hard and aggressively. In the last three minutes in a moment of disillusion city broke and claimed their second goal.  Unphased and knowing we had minutes to get the game back we fought hard and kept the ball in city’s half.  The final whistle went and the game ended with a two all draw. All in all a great game with good teamwork and play. Wins will come!