Ladies 4ths Match Report

UEA 2nds 0-2 Magpies 4ths

Despite most of the team being held up at roadworks in Long Stratton, 11 players made it to the UEA in time for pushback, and Harriet Celerier arrived just in time to give Sophie Maynell-Anderson’s legs a rest.

After last weeks draw we were determined to come away with three points and started the game well with the midfield of Nicole Eaves, Helena Knock, Sophie Baxter and Phoebe Eglington tackling well and managing to get the ball through to Sophie and Emily Evans upfront. Imogen Maynell-Anderson opened the scoring after a precision cross from Emily was slotted away skilfully.

Imogen narrowly missed adding to her tally a number of times but was kept at bay by the UEA ‘keeper. At the other end, Alice Gooch made some cracking saves for us after the nippy students found a way through the formidable defence, consisting of Rosie Blackmore, Treacle and Krystal Jenkins.

Both teams had chances during open play and a couple of short corners but it was Imogen’s persistence that was rewarded with her second goal, resulting in a 2-0 win for Magpies and a very happy captain!

Madame of the Match: Alice Gooch and Imogen Maynell-Anderson

MOM Immy and Alice