Ladies 5s – MATCH REPORT

Old Buckenham 3-0 Harleston Magpies Ladies 5s

Magpies Ladies 5ths travelled once again to Watton Sports Centre this time for a game against Old Buckenham. Bucks have some very established players but on the back of last weeks win Magpies were full of hope.

During the first quarter of the match Magpies held control of the ball with some very good skills and passing. Playing a new formation which makes the most of the strength in the mid field and the speed of the young players, Magpies had some good chances at goal but sadly the finishing lacked its usual precision. The pressure continued against Bucks but sadly no conversion.

In the second quarter leading to half time pressure was on the Magpies goal when the ball slipped through the usual strong defence and ended in a scramble in front of the goal. The ball hit poor Lisa Kent’s foot which prevented it from a goal and resulted in a penalty.

Poised for the shot Peggy Bridges dived valiantly to the right but just missed the save. Earlier Peggy had suffered an injury to her jaw from an attacking Bucks player. At half time the score was 1-0.

The second half was very memorable for many reasons. Magpies ladies made many moves into their attacking D but just could not find the finish. Two such occasions were a run from defence by Lisa Kent which upon reaching the D hit her feet, and a drive forward by Becky Ford, past several players and a dive finish, just to put it past the goal.

Ginny Crawford got knocked for six but continued in her unmistakable strong defensive game.

Still unable to finish Magpies let a few counter attacks into their defensive D which with a combination of Lisa Kent’s feet and Peggy laying on the ball resulted in another penalty! Peg once again poised ready against the same striker but this time she save it! A huge cheer form the Magpies ladies followed.

Sadly the game turned against Magpies with a short corner being given outside of the D, which resulted in a goal. One other shot late into the second half made the score 3-0.

Harri Milburn was player of the match.

Magpies finished defeated but cheerful if a bit bemused at a very action