Ladies 6s – MATCH REPORT

Magpies Ladies 6s 2-2 UEA 3s

Magpies had the first push back, after even play a fantastic side line hit by Liz Cole in her own half sped past all of the circling UEA players, a practised slip in by Rachael Clifford left magpies 1-0 up. At pace UEA soon brought the ball down the middle, with quick passing and sneaky movements, magpies defence and midfield worked tirelessly but to no avail and UEA brought the score to 1-1.

Magpies fought UEA off several times and the midfield and forwards made quick runs up the sidelines using one touch passes and occasionally had to make a quick turn around, ready to defend again, which they always did. Unfortunately a foot in the magpies ‘D’ gave away a short corner, UEA struck the ball with confidence entering the goal, but hitting a UEA foot on the way through, after an initial celebration it was given as a foul.

UEA, who weren’t happy with this decision, came back strongly and then achieved their second goal to make it 2-1. After strong play from both teams, on one attack from Magpies we achieved a short corner. We made most of this opportunity and it was beautifully tapped it in.

Well done to everyone as this match was a tough one!