Ladies 6s – MATCH REPORT

Lowestoft 2s 2-6 Magpies 6s
(2 reports!)

Magpies enjoyed an emphatic victory at Lowestoft against their 2nd eleven.

Magpies had first pushback and opened the scoring within minutes. Rachel Clifford, taking the ball up the left of the field, went on to score. Lowestoft quickly had Magpies on the back foot as they stormed down the middle with a man over and levelled the score a few minutes later. Lowestoft had the upper hand for the next 20 mins or so, with numerous short corners which Magpies did well to defend and some excellent goal keeping maintaining a level score.

Magpies gradually began to play their game with greater confidence, with some good passing and great pace. After several short corners, Janet struck from the top of the “D” – the ball bounced off a few Lowestoft bootlaces but crept over the line for Magpies to take the lead again.

Shortly before half-time, Lowestoft were awarded a short corner which squeeked in off the post despite a valiant attempt to clear by a defender.

After a constructive half-time chat, Magpies came out and took the game by storm. A fantastic pick up on the right from Julia, crossed to Zoe in the centre was well laid off to Rachel on the left and easily slipped in past the goal keeper.

Magpies continued the pressure and increasingly dominated the play. The 4th goal came as Katie converted a short corner and Zoe’s fearless persistence in front of goal paid off with number 5 shortly after.

Magpies rounded up the game with a great play on yet another short corner – Janet slipping to Katie, who slipped back to Janet – Number 6!

Man of the Match went Rachel Peters who chased every ball on the right of the pitch, showing both skill and strength throughout the game.

Magpies Ladies 6ths were away today to Lowestoft! Even though Lowestoft was top of the table it didn’t stop Magpies from winning the game 6-2.

Magpies started with a very early goal from Rachel Clifford but then Lowestoft fought back making it 1 all. Then Janet scored a smashing short corner but Lowestoft managed to get back to 2 all from there with an own goal from Janet. But then for Magpies it was all up hill from here.

Their 3rd goal was scored with an excellent shot on goal hit from Katie. Zoë then set up a stunning goal scored but Rachel Clifford and then scored her own goal. Magpies were slowly but surely taking over the game. Just to put the cherry on top Janet set up a shot goal for Zoë to score, but Janet gets the credit for that goal.

This truly was a magnificent win for the Magpies ladies 6ths. Even though they faced tough challenges including Janet Brown getting a green card, Magpies were truly in the game.

Rachel Peters got ‘Man of the Match’ slowly followed Natasha Stead (Larry) with some truly amazing saves.

Well Done Sixths.