Ladies 6th match report

Ladies 6th Team match report

Magpies 6th XI vs Norwich City 4

Our away match at Taverham was played in fine weather. Norwich City 4 were a team of young, fit girls who had excellent passing skills and rarely missed a ball. Needless to say, our goalkeeper, Kristina Erith, had a tough time but managed brilliantly to fend the ball away. Towards the end of the first half, however, Norwich City scored from a pass across the D to a handy person waiting beside the goal.

During the second half, Norwich City still had the upper hand yet didn’t use the width; they seemed to favour the left hand side. Our backs played with courage despite Karen Hunt being injured. Daphne Beckett and Jo Meyer stopped a goal each whilst Kristina Erith flung herself to the ground. Jodie Guest made some fine runs. After a successive number of short corners, Norwich City scored a second goal.

Score: 0-2

Joanna Meyer