Ladies 6th Team Match Report 14th October 2017

Ladies 6th Team vs Hurlings (Home (L) L 0-4)

The Ladies 6ths have suffered a few injuries, roster changes and losses over the last few weeks, but despite this the team took to the field confidently early this Saturday. They picked up Shirley McAllen on the right, and saw Louise returning from University and Flea back from holiday, and after fielding only 10 last week the return to full numbers was a relief for all.

Hurlings, a team that play on grass at home attacked confidently, and used short corners effectively throughout the game. Despite the valiant efforts of Imogen Flatt in goal, who continued to make some great saves, and Marie who made a stunning goal line save, their powerful strikes proved too much for the Magpies defence.

One of the team had a short “discussion” with the Umpire and was rewarded with a 3 minute ‘calm down’ warning, a green card, returning to the pitch just as Magpies had earnt themselves a short corner.

After half time Magpies worked hard to keep possession of the ball and played positively, perhaps suffering a slight crisis of confidence when attacking. Vanessa Vigrass worked tirelessly in midfield and earned herself a player of the match award. Despite all this they were unable to score.

Despite this the overall feeling of the game was that Magpies had worked hard to keep possession of the ball, especially in the second half, but were frustrated by their inability to hit the target. We hope to rally next week for our game against Brecklands (Away, 10am push back)