Ladies 6th Team v Thetford (Away (L) D 2-2)

A close and hard-fought game at Thetford secured the Magpies ladies 6ths 1 point, and continues to show this teams improved form over the season. This game highlighted that their defensive press worked under pressure and that continued efforts at training to work on our attack has begun to pay off.
Having taken the lead from a short corner the team continued to pressure Thetford’s defence throughout the rest of the game. The home team capitalised on some nice breaks and showed skill in their counter attacks. The whole team worked hard to track back and defend, and Katie Davy in goal cleared many balls through from the midfield which went to no-one.
Thetford responded from a short corner to make the score 1-1. The second half saw both teams step up their games, and despite holding most of the possession for the half and looking confident in attack the Magpies left the field with a 2-2 draw. Magpies passing play was much improved on previous weeks, and shows real promise for the rest of the season.
Marie Davy battled long and hard all game against a strong and determined right sided attack from the opposition, she also saw herself up in the attacking 23 keeping the ball in play after a long sprint down the flank. This effort earnt herself the Lady of the Match Award. Well done Marie.