Ladies 6th Team v Norwich City 6th (Home (L) W 3-1)

A busy day down at the Nest with both ladies and men’s 1st teams playing at home, the Harleston Magpies 6ths joined the fun and played Norwich City 6ths in a 3.30pm push back. The late start meant they were lucky to avoid the rain which fell earlier in the day, and there were a handful of spectators.

This week, guest 6th team manager, coach and side line support Lucy Field was on hand to give the team a pre-match pep talk. Urging us to battle hard, take opportunities to strike early in the D and to get back defending quickly.

The team took to the field confidently, and began the game at a good tempo. The Magpies were quick to set their press, with centre forward Rachael Gifford getting back behind the ball quickly to set a difficult to penetrate defence. The opposition were contained well, and at times this pressure seemed to get the better of them.

Despite multiple attacks into the Norwich City D, and a flurry of short corners the Magpies were unable to convert. The visiting keeper made some great saves and their defence were quick off the line when defending corners, this denied the home team goals until late into the first half. Despite the lack of conversion, the Magpies were not deterred, and their relentless attack was eventually rewarded. Vanessa, last week’s Woman of the Match found the goal just a few minutes before half time. The magpies regrouped, with some key tactical words from Lucy Field: Make the tackle, then win the ball, and rest when you’re back in position. With this in mind we took to the pitch.

In the second half, the relentless running of Poppy Felgate in midfield, with support from Felicity Perry saw some confident attacking moves from the Magpies, who began to pass confidently around the defence. Soon the home team found the back board, Rachael Clifford scoring a goal set up by Laura Woodgate. Magpies were 2:0 up.

Despite only having 11 players, the team kept up the tempo until the final whistle with everyone working hard to get back to defend, but also to take the opportunities whilst attacking. Norwich City put together some great passages of play and soon they too were rewarded with a goal. Magpies defence were left startled, but resolved that the visitors would not get past them again.

At 2-1, the game was drawing to a close, both teams were starting to tire. Captain Heather Brand, and goal keeper Imogen Flatt urged us to keep making options and to get back to defend. This encouragement, lead to a tremendous third goal, and second for Rachael Clifford. Securing the win, and bagged three valuable points. This result sees the 6ths jump up the table a couple of places, and builds their confidence going into their next match against Pelicans.

The Woman of the Match award this week went to Centre Midfielder, Poppy Felgate who worked hard to successfully disrupt the Norwich City defence, and to support the defence when needed. Special mentions go to Lucy Basey-Fisher in defence, who responded to the visiting team’s high forwards well, and to Captain Heather for her communication, solid defence and calm-head under pressure.

Next week the 6ths head up to Pelicans, at Kings Lynn for another chance to add to the points tally for the season.

Squad: Imogen Flatt (GK), Marie Davy, Felicity Perry, Rachael Clifford, Heather Brand(c), Vanessa Vigrass, Elena Flatt, Poppy Felgate, Laura Woodgate, Lucy Basey-Fisher and Shirley McAllen.