Ladies 6th Team v Dereham 4 D 1-1

The Ladies 6s knew this would be a tough match as Dereham had been on a winning streak for several weeks. Indeed it was Dereham who scored first carving their way through the middle of Magpies defences and scoring from a first strike.
Not to be undone, Magpies regrouped and battled back. Marie, Liv and Jane making great tackles and transferring the ball either side of the pitch.
A reshuffle of defence put Kristina on man marking duties to isolate the key Dereham threat, this worked effectively, with Magpies beginning to dominate more and pin Dereham back into their half. Good movement from the home side created space for midfielders Holly and Flea to drive the ball into the Dereham circle. A well taken short corner strike from Janna meant we went in at half time with scores levelled at 1:1.
With the second half came the ice-like rain which tested both sides, particularly under the floodlights. This half was a much better performance from the home side who claimed much more of the possession. The Georgia duo worked doggedly, both got stuck in to some physical play to steal the ball and fire it into the circle. Judith forced more turnovers in midfield to get the ball up to Rachael and Laura on the forward line who both worked tirelessly to force many chances at goal.
With Kristina holding the central role well, Dereham had to work a lot harder to find their way into the Magpies circle. Imogen kept alert in goal and our defence cleared the ball effectively to send the ball back up to our forwards, thus neutralising any threat.
Today was a day of frustration, the ball just wasn’t going in, instead skimming agonisingly close to a Magpies attacking stick or just the wrong side of the post. A good reminder for the Ladies 6s that a top two finish is not yet secure.
Player of the match: Kristina