Ladies 6th Team v Hornets (Away (L) W 4-2)

Any Christmas cobwebs were swiftly brushed away in the first match of the new year. The Magpies ladies 6th took to the road, and the short journey to Loddon to play Pelicans. Following a canceled game and a slip week at the end of 2017 the return to the pitch after an extended break was something the Magpies were looking forward to.
The team, which has shown much improvement over the season so far wanted to make an impact on teams that they’d played earlier in the season. This match did exactly that, there was positive air to the team as they took to the field against the Hornets. This time the Magpies were determined to put more points on the board.
New face, Jess Surname, joined the ranks of the 6ths. And the game kicked off in sunshine, but there was a January chill in the air.
True to form, Shirley was first onto the board with a cracking shot into the top left corner, their keeper had no chance. The result of a short corner, the first McAllen shot was blocked but the defence, but the rebound gave Shirley another attempt at goal. The Pelicans gave the Magpies legend too long on the ball and, as usual Shirley’s shot was on target. Meaning the visitors were 1-0 up, and were looking confident.
The Pelicans were a mix of experience, youth and new players, and in the first half they struggled against the 6ths now well practiced press defence. Their only option was a strong hit, but the Magpies made it very difficult for them to gain possession of the ball with this method. It was a strategy that kept the opposition at bay for most of the game.
The Magpies defence wasn’t troubled much in the tfirst half and the team took opportunities down the middle of the pitch, via Rachael and Jess to set up and score another goal. Vanessa on the wing battled her way into the D and then made sure that she finished the job by skilfully passing the keeper to take the score to 2 – 0.
The second half was a much more even contest. The Pelicans showed great determination and spirit, and their speed and a great pairing up front meant they made the most of counter attacks in the second half. They caught the Magpies defence on the back foot and scored a well-deserved first goal, the score was now 2-1. Magpies responded with another goal of their own, hard work and great passing play saw Rachael score her first of the game. This was then repeated, Pelicans scored on a counter attack, and the Magpies responded. Another for Rachael, to make the final score 4-2.
Another 3 points for the 6ths, lifting them well above the relegation zone that was nipping at their heels at the beginning of the season. The pelicans summed up the team’s progression, as they were overheard to say something along the lines of “This can’t be the same team we played earlier in the season, they are just so much more skilful”.
Jess Green played excellently in her debut game, her hard work in the central midfield position, lovely strikes and excellent defence won her the Player of the Match award.

Squad: Katie Davy (GK), Marie Davy, Felicity Perry, Heather Brand(c), Louise Davy, Rachael Clifford, Jenny Meyer, Shirley McAllen, Lucy Basey-Fisher, Laura Felgate, Jess Green and Lydia Barratt