Ladies 7th Team v Norwich Dragons 7 (Home (L) W 3-1)

After a frosty start, our match was played later in the morning with a squad of fourteen. Both teams stood for a minute’s silence as a mark of respect to David Brooks who has done so much for Magpies. Play began in a bitingly cold wind; it was hard and fast but with a strong Magpie’s team we soon swept the ball towards the Dragon’s goal and were rewarded with a short corner. A strike from Jo Meyer went straight to Shirley McAllen who smashed it towards the goal where it was deflected by a Dereham player into their own goal! Delighted, a second goal followed when young Ella Spears skilfully took the ball into Dragon’s circle and pushed the ball past the keeper.
Midway during the second half, a decision to ‘play on’ confused our defenders and we were caught napping; Dragons took swift advantage and scored. This was the one and only time that our defence was down as goalkeeper, Peg Bridges, played a blinder as did Karen Hunt, often throwing themselves to the ground in a bid to stop any goals and Janet Brown made a sterling effort. In addition, Jenny Meyer and Annie Lancaster made some excellent runs. Towards the last few minutes of the game, Ella Spears took the ball to the Dragon’s circle and struck the ball towards Georgia Hood who sent it home.

Score: 3 – 1