Ladies 7th Team v Thetford L 0-5

We were feeling slightly nervous about facing Thetford, knowing that they were a strong team but skipper, Gillian Stokes, just told us to enjoy the game.  Within minutes, Thetford’sright wing had swept the ball into our half and scored.  Yet, despite having strong players we had a few breaks and were awarded a short corner.  Jo Meyer struck the ball to Shirley Mac Allen who sent it high into the goal; sadly, it was disallowed.  Thetford had numerous short corners but our young defenders were quick to stop or deflect any strikes.  Despite our best efforts, Thetford scored twice more before half time.

During the second half, play seemed to be evenly spread between both teams with the ball rocketing up and down the pitch.  Emma Tolhurst and Karen Hunt made sterling efforts in defence whilst Anna Seggons, Jade Bishop and Madi Wright made some fine runs.  Jess managed to take a few shots at the Thetford goal but their defenders cleared the ball away.  Jenny Meyer and Grace Moodie battled hard in midfield but were a bit miffed when a ball struck a Thetford player’s foot in the circle and told to play the ‘advantage’.  Thetford scored twice more before the final whistle.