Ladies 7th Team v Pelicans 4 W 4-1

Seven of us stood anxiously on a windswept pitch in Kings Lynn waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.  With minutes to spare, we spotted white shirts in the distance and the match started…phew! Pelicans took possession and play seemed to be concentrated in our circle, however, our defenders managed to clear the ball out but after a brief spell in the Pelican’s half, their forwards raced to our circle and scored.  Soon after, Anna Segggons sprinted up the right wing, passed the ball across to Joanna Meyer on the left edge of the circle, who smashed the ball into Pelican’s goal.  Soon after, Pelicans had a short corner but Peg Bridges, our goalkeeper, cleared the ball and with a few missed shots at goal, the score at half time remained a draw.
During the second half, we seemed to have the upper hand and with multiple short corners, did very well.  The ball was struck to Gillian Stokes who passed it to Georgia Hood, ready to strike the ball home.  Pelican’s defenders sent the ball down to our circle, but Marie Davy battled hard to send it back up.  Also, Karen Hunt stopped any forwards and indeed stormed her way through them.  During another short corner, the ball was struck to Jessica Tarrant who hit the ball which rebounded off the left goalpost into the goal.  Ellen Moodie raced up the pitch with the ball and passed it to Madi Wright who struck it past the keeper.  We were thrilled to bits and everyone played really well.

Score:  4 – 1