Ladies Colts B – MATCH REPORT

Magpies Ladies Colts B 8-2 Herlings

In the first half and the drizzling rain Magpies started off well, but Herlings were using their strong hits to their advantage. However Magpies soon got an opening goal from Hannah Linger. Anna Lacey scored the second goal after a cross to the left post. After Shirley McAllen came off, Herlings scored from a short corner. The third magpies goal came from a penalty flick taken by Lucy Chubbock. The final goal of the first half was slotted in by Rhian Earrye. By the end of the first half, magpies were 4-1 up.

The second half saw magpies get off to a sluggish start, allowing Herlings to score again. But soon magpies were back in the game with another goal from Hannah Linger. Shortly after, Hannah Linger and Lucy Chubbock were working well together, and scored. Towards the end of the second half, Lucy Chubbock scored from another penalty flick. Finally, with minutes to go, Karen Ray scored from a short corner, making the final score 8-2. Some great goalkeeping from Flora Marfleet who made several excellent saves, and great play and effort from the whole team.

Goal Scorers: Hannah Linger – 2
Lucy Chubbock – 3
Rhian Earrye – 1
Anna Lacey -1.