Ladies O35 v Chelmsford O35 (Away (EHC) W 11-0 )

Magpies travelled to Chelmsford for this fixture hoping for better weather conditions than the snow of two weeks ago.  Magpies started the game with pace and pressed from the beginning. Five goals came in the first 15 minutes with 3 from Anouska Stott and 2 from Angie Wheelhouse. This relentless pressure continued until half time with further goals added by Emma Lee Smith and Lucy Field
Chelmsford goalkeeper made numerous saves in the second half but Emma and Anouska  took their tally to 4 goals each. The defence looked solid and only defended one penalty corner with a good save from Lucy King in goal. The midfield controlled the game with decisive tackling and good teamwork.
The next round is away to Bishops Stortford.

Team:- Lucy King, Victoria Sweet, Jose Tibbenham, Teresa Griffin, Debbie Francis, Emma Lee Smith, Charlotte Rourke Beasley, Laura Betts, Angie Wheelhouse, Anouska Stott, Fran Burrell, Lucy Field, Louisa Greenacre (Capt) Kath Johnson, Charlotte Harrison.