Magpies ladies 6s hockey report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Pelicans Ladies 3rd team.

The match at Kings Lynn was really enjoyable with a few players making their debut. Magpies dominated the game with play remaining in Pelican’s half to begin with and a fair amount of shots at goal. Jane Collins made some superb passes across the circle which Pelicans didn’t intercept and Marie Davy stopped any forwards in their tracks. Just as the half time whistle went, down came the rain.

Pelicans seemed to speed up during the second half but were easily matched by Magpies. We had a few short corners but our attempts at goal were thwarted. Then Jenny Meyer, voted Man of the Match, ran with the ball into the circle, passed to Lydia Barrett who pushed the ball home. Expecting retaliation, Pelicans did get past our defence but Gillian Stokes, our goalkeeper, ran out and kicked the ball sky high.

Score: 1 – 0

Joanna Meyer