Magpies Ladies 6th hockey report

Magpies Ladies 6th team versus Norwich Dragons Ladies 6th team.

On a cold, overcast afternoon we played Norwich Dragons at home. They seemed to be a stronger team, with multiple substitutes, good warm up exercises and a rousing huddle yet we had multiple short corners and they didn’t. Their players were excellent at getting the ball into our circle but our superb defenders kept them at bay.

With the light fading and rain moving in, the umpire called for floodlights. Molly Warne managed to evade her attacker and keep the ball at the Norwich end of the pitch. Despite Millie Scarborough-Taylor’s best efforts at scoring and Gillian Stokes’ massive strikes from the back, the forwards just could not beat the Norwich keeper. Then, minutes before the end, a Norwich player drew our keeper out and scored.

Score: 0-1

Joanna Meyer