Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

On this chilly January early afternoon, the Ladies 3rds were rearing to go after last week’s cancellation and the lack of training in the week, and with top of the league opposition, we had to be ready!

From the off, Magpies were determined to show Watton what we do best. The ball was being distributed smoothly throughout the midfield, this week consisting of ‘Big Woolly’ and Laura Betts (pulling on their marigolds in the Screen) and Katie K, Rhe Lascelles, Phoebe Preece and Lucy Field in the ‘block of 3’, all showing our opponents, and the home crowd, their best work.

A lovely bit of defending – as usual – from Amelia in left defence, saw a lovely ball be played through to Amy DS, and with some rapid pace and silky skills in the attacking D, a foot was found and our first short corner of the new year was given.

Determined to make the most of this opportunity, we thought we’d go hard or go home! So, with a slick sweep out by Lucy Field, Leggy gave the ball an almighty thwack. The sound of the ball hitting that back board was magical… but it was only 1-0… still a long way to go.

Throughout the rest of the first half, Magpies continued to pile on the pressure, and were not going to let Watton play their game. Some excellent defending by Rach Baynes, Amelia, Amy Hipwell and Holly in goal assured that Watton had no-where to go before the half time whistle blew.

Right, it was going to be a long half of hockey. Magpies momentarily lost their mojo after the break, but being the marvellous side that we are, we soon all got back into our strides. Lucy Field continued to make those precise down-the-line balls she’s renowned for, which always found and gave Amy DS a chance to show us what she’s got.

Magpies fought super hard throughout the whole of the second half (…for the whole game for that matter!) and a slight miss-hap in the defencive D, in the closing second of the game gave Watton their opportunity. With the whole Watton squad loaded up around the defensive D, and with Holly, Amelia, Rach, Amy and Lucy fighting till the end, everyone’s hearts stopped…. The final whistle blew… `tension was mounting…Watton slapped that bright orange ball out from the back line towards the top of the D… run Lucy… run like the wind… the ball was struck… it’s all in slow-motion button as we watched intently… Holly made that final attempt to keep the lead….. and BOSH… the ball was save, deflected out of that D like a flash of lightning… we’d done it! Well done you girls!

Another great performance like that next week would be much appreciated ladies!! Next Saturday, the Ladies 3rds are playing North Norfolk in Cromer… anyone fancy fish and chips on the beach after?