Magpies Ladies 6 match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 6th XI match report

Magpies 6 played against Norwich City 4 on an overcast, wet morning, so gloomy that we asked for floodlights but they weren’t switched on. Norwich fielded a young side with some excellent players which took us by surprise. During the first half, Norwich City seemed to have the upper hand but our defenders and goalkeeper skilfully kept the ball away from our goal. Lucy Crawford made some fine runs but left the pitch with an injury. Unfortunately, Norwich City were awarded a short corner and scored just before half time.

During the second half, we played with determination and Jodie Guest battled hard against the central forwards. Play seemed to move up a notch and we managed to keep the ball in the Norwich City half. Jo Meyer took a short corner which was received by Laura Schultheiss who smashed it home. Then we seemed to have at least four chances at scoring but the ball elusively missed the goal twice, hit the post once and a well aimed pass from the right wing went flying off the back line. We held our breath during the final short corner for Norwich City but our defenders stopped everything leaving the score as a draw.

Score: 1 – 1

Joanna Meyer