Magpies Ladies 6th match report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 6th match report

As we strolled onto the cold, windswept pitch at Harleston, we eyed up the opposing team. They seemed young, yet our own team had an injection of young players and… a goalkeeper! We dominated Norwich City 4 with a vengeance, despite their position as top of the league. Katie Webb scored the first goal by sidestepping the goalkeeper and calmly pushing the ball home. Alice Bamber then showed her true grit by racing past Norwich City defenders and scored the second and third goals. Paris Wood demonstrated her prowess with a hockey stick, running past defenders and scoring the fourth and fifth goals.

We were elated at half time with the 5-0 score and were ‘resting on our laurels’ a bit because Norwich City came back hard. Their Centre Forward broke through our defences and swiftly scored. Rachel Herod, Jodie Guest and Jessica Harvey battled hard out on the left whilst Charley Copsey and Karen Hunt were solid in defence. Katie Webb then scored a superb goal from a short corner. Norwich City again broke through and scored at close range. A swiftly taken free hit by Joanna Meyer found Rachel Herod who scored our seventh goal of the match.

Score: 7-2

Joanna Meyer