Magpies Ladies 6th match report

Magpies Ladies 6th XI vs Hornets match report

The Ladies 6th XI played against Hornets on a cold, dry morning. It was possibly one of the hardest matches physically because each team gave it their all. Hornets came close to scoring on a number of occasions but Jess Harvey, our goalkeeper, made some fine saves and Karen Hunt fearlessly stopped the forwards in their tracks. Despite some excellent playing, particularly by Sarah Legg, voted ‘Player of the Match’, we just could not beat the Hornet’s keeper. With a 0-0 score at half time, and feeling quite exhausted, we were reminded to keep our width.

Hornets scored a quick goal from a long corner which didn’t bode well for us but Katie Webb shouted encouragement. We battled hard against Hornets with a couple of head-on collisions and were rewarded when Kristina Erith made a swift pass to Katie Webb who smashed it into the goal. Our passing seemed to improve and our tiredness disappeared because despite Hornet’s fast forwards we managed to get the ball away. Katie Webb made an accurate pass to Vanessa Vigrass at the edge of the D who sent the ball to the back of the goal.

Score: 2-1

Joanna Meyer