15 teams from across Norfolk converged on Magpies for the first Boys’ mini tournament of the season.

In the U10s Magpies were able to field two teams but both found the day tough going against some strong Norwich Dragons and Norwich City teams. Magpies ‘A’ finished a good third with Magpies ‘B’, fielding a young team, a very credible 5th with William Menzies’ goal bonus securing him 50p.

The tournament was won by Norwich Dragons ‘A’ who were unbeaten all day scoring an impressive 19 goals in their 6 matches conceding none thereby staking an early claim for Norfolk champions later in the season. Norwich City ‘A’ were runners up.

In the U12s Dragons continued their dominance with another win with only Dereham able to find a way round their strong defence although with Dereham coming a cropper against Magpies ‘A’ and Norwich City ‘B’ they were only able to finish the tournament as runners-up to Dragons.

Magpies were again able to field two teams and with a bit more work at training I am sure they can improve on their 4th and 7th positions.

Finally special mention needs to be made of our young umpires, Holly Riches, Isobella Slade, Jude Pottruff, Ollie Hall, Graham Mobbs, Jake Sewell, Seth Read and Louis Calvert. Impressive debuts to umpiring were made by all and with the support of a number of senior umpires who gave up half a day, or in the case of James Webster the whole day, I am sure they have learnt a lot. My thanks go to all the umpires to all the other club members who helped with running the tournaments.

James Smith