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Harleston Magpies Social Media
update by James Lane

The Harleston Magpies Facebook and Twitter pages have been up and running since 2011 and we now have 308 likes on Facebook and 666 followers on Twitter.

The Facebook page ( is a great source of updates from the club, including news, fixtures, match reports and photos/videos. The Facebook page links in with the Twitter feed (@magpies-hockeytv or, so whatever is posted by the site managers appears on Twitter. These news and other items are derived from the website but link to this so all clicks through from both sites to website drive our usage up on the Magpies home page.

You are encouraged to support these social sites if you can by ‘Liking’ the Facebook page and ‘Following’ us on Twitter, plus of course Re-Tweeting anything you think is relevant or interesting to your followers – it all spreads the word of Magpies.

Using hashtags (a # sign followed by text) is a great way of adding a topic in your post. For example, if you say “Had a great game today playing for @magpies-hockeytv ladies 5ths against @grasshoppershc” (for example), you can use #pieshockey or #hmhc at the end to link this to the club. Hashtags help people search for things too, so if someone searches for #hmhc then this will hopefully come up on Twitter and they can then follow us.

Anyone who has ideas for hashtags to use, please tweet them to James Lane @jamesharrylane (who runs the social media pages) with your ideas. Also, any ideas on these pages please let James know by this method.

We also have a YouTube page, currently hosting some older (Mag)Pies TV videos. Discussions are ongoing as to how we use this page but again any ideas welcome for features on here.

Social media by its very name is designed to be “Social”, so please use the sites and get involved with your club physically and online. We want photos on the way to games, the half time team talk, cutting edge pre-match previews and serious post-match post mortems. The more we get, the better it is to let all in the club how your team is getting on – there is no better way to interact with fellow members and supporters.

Just a reminder –

Facebook –
(or search for Magpies Hockey on Facebook)

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