Magpies u12 girls end of season report

This is all the stuff that (Nick will be very grateful to know) will not go into the presentation evening speeches for which under 12 girls are eligible for awards in u11, u12 and girls development sections.

This year we wanted to achieve two things:

· Ensure that everyone gets the best possible chance to improve and participate and wants to come back for more next year,

· Get our 1st team to the Nationals.

So very nearly achieved on both counts!

38 Girls from beginner to advanced trained regularly on a Friday – last year I think we were around 24 so this is a massive uplift – all of whom had at least two competitive outings. We turned out 3 teams wherever possible and the team stats are:

Team P W D L GF GA
Squad 128 52 36 40 115 75
A team 44 35 6 3 78 6

17 girls got on the score sheet this year:

34 – Amy Collison

21 – Georgie Gardens

11 – Hannah Gartland

8 – Evie Hall

7 – Sophie Pettitt

6 – Holly Wills

4 – Jessica Menzies

3 – Ellen Pope

3 – Tabitha Borrett

3 – Holly Hanrahan

3 – Olivia Lapage

3 – Alyssa Walker

3 – Ellen Moodie

2 – Emma Williamson

2 – Grace Clarke

1 – Jessica Tarrant

1 – Amelia Slade

Thanks are due to many many people this year but in particular to Jim and most especially David – or Obi Wan as I call him – who’s wealth of experience, encouragement and patience we could not do without.

I hope you all have a fabulous summer, make it to some of our training camps, and come back refreshed and ready for an even better season next year at u12 or u14.

John Pope

Team Manager u12 2015-16