Magpies Under 9s Tournament Reports



Magpies opening match turned out to be against the winners which was a tough start. Magpies took the lead and although Norwich pressed hard to equalise a couple of excellent saves by goalkeeper Freddie Dixon ensured they came close to winning, but unfortunately Norwich scored a late equaliser. Magpies won their next three matches comfortably with Alex Kilbourn and Sam McCluskey dominant, but well supported by Alfie Burton and the team scored some excellent goals. Seth Read played a very steady sweeper throughout the Tournament.

The Girls Anna Kilbourn, Hattie Allen-Smith and Leah Horlock had to play all the time as unfortunately Sophie Pearson was ill, but considering their lack of experience they grew in confidence throughout the Tournament.

Against the weaker Norwich side Magpies just could not score despite several chances and in the end a 0-0 result cost them a chance of finishing first. Magpies finished the Tournament strongly beating Watton 5-0 to finish a very creditable second.

Magpies v Norwich Cygnets
drew 1-1
Sam McCluskey

Magpies v Pelicans Fledglings
won 2-0
Sam McCluskey, Alex Kilbourn

Magpies v Dereham Chicks
won 4-0
Sam McCluskey 2, Alex Kilbourn, Alfie Burton

Magpies v Pelicans Squabs
won 2-0
Alex Kilbourn 2

Magpies v Norwich Owlets
drew 0-0

Magpies v Watton
won 5-0
Alfie Burton 2, Anna Kilbourn, Sam McCluskey, Alex Kilbourn

Squad: Anna Kilbourn, Hattie Allen-Smith, Leah Horlock, Sophie Pearson, Sam McCluskey, Alex Kilbourn, Freddie Dixon (GK), Alfie Burton and Seth Read.


Magpies were back in action again on Sunday with plenty of changes to the team from the previous day. Lucy Westmacott came into the team as goalkeeper, with Lottie Summers, Martha Lawrence, Hannah Dobson and Molly Warnes all making their first appearances of the weekend. On the Boys side Todd Chapman also made his first appearance.

Magpies made a steady start beating Pelicans 2-0. The next game up was Norwich City 1 and after a cautious start Magpies hit a real purple patch and deservedly took the lead and looked the most likely team to score next. Unfortunately Magpies over stretched themselves looking for the second goal and were badly short of numbers when Norwich counter attacked and they levelled the scores. In a terrific match either team could have won the match but it was Norwich who scored a late winner.

Despite Magpies wining their next five matches they could not catch Norwich and finished a very strong second. Lottie Summers chipped in with plenty of goals, while Martha Lawrence put in some very steady performances. Hannah Dobson, Molly Warnes, Lucy Westmacott, and Todd Chapman all gained valuable Tournament experience.

Throughout the two Tournaments Sam McCluskey and Alex Kilbourn put in some impressive performances for the team.

Squad: Lucy Westmacott, Lottie Summers, Martha Lawrence, Hannah Dobson, Molly Warnes, Seth Read, Todd Chapman, Alex Kilbourn and Sam McCluskey.

Magpies v Pelicans 1
won 2-0
Sam McCluskey, Alex Kilbourn

Magpies v Norwich City 1
lost 1-2
Alex Kilbourn

Magpies v Watton 2
won 3-0
Lottie Summers 2, Sam McCluskey

Magpies v Pelicans 2
won 4-0
Lottie Summers 3, Alex Kilbourn

Magpies v Dereham
won 4-0
Sam McCluskey 2, Alex Kilbourn, Martha Lawrence

Magpies v Norwich City 2
won 2-0
Sam McCluskey, Alex Kilbourn

Magpies v Watton 1
won 2-0
Sam McCluskey 2