Match report – Ladies’ 3rds – Saturday 22 October 2016


Saturday 22nd October saw the early rain clear just as the Magpies Ladies 3rds stepped out onto the home turf to play Ipswich 3rds. The game started at fast pace and the ladies knew the match was going to be a good tussle but were in determined mindset.

The team welcomed youngster Amelia Herschel-Shorland to their starting defensive line up and soon Amelia, Sophie Child and Rachel Baynes were called into play alongside goalee Holly Riches as the Ipswich forwards pressed. Some good solid clearances out of the D allowed Char Rourke-Beasley to take control of play and send the ball out wide to the wings allowing Rhe Lascelles to get a good ball through to Leggy who popped it into the D for a few touches before Katie Kinsella made no mistake in hitting the backboard for 1-0.

This goal fired the Magpies’ ladies up and with the second addition to the starting line-up of Lottie Summers strongly making her mark on the game and skilfully dribbling the ball round the opposition she was soon in a perfect position to pass to Amy de S and get the score line to 2-0.

Half time followed and a rallying cry from sideline coach Bean who was determined his ladies could score more and the 2nd half started with ferocity and was end to end play. After a bit of a deadlock Kate Russell intercepted a ball, passed wide to Kat Bullen and the ball was soon in the D for Katie K to get her 2nd goal and make it 3-0.

Not finished there the ladies pressed on and with Lucy Fields as usual having an incredibly strong game throughout the 4th goal was eventually going to happen and with Lucy being everywhere on the pitch she set up Kate Russell for the 4th goal to put the game to bed. To Ipswich’s credit they never stopped pressing and were awarded a flurry of long corners and penalty corners in the last 10 minutes but the defence and Holly saved the ball time and again and with determination kept the sheet clean their end to make sure the final score a very creditable 4-0. This gives the 3rds a worthy position of 6th in a strong league and is all the more creditable when it is remembered this is a newly-promoted team in this East League! POM – Lottie Summers.