Match Report: Magpies Girls U14 Championships – Midlands League 4 – Match 3 v Cambridge City


Magpies travelled to Cambridge knowing the winner of this top of the table clash would top the group with three games played and two to go.

A clash of the titans was what we expected and was exactly what we got. Where in previous games players of both sides had enjoyed the luxury of space and time no quarter was given in this game. Tackles were full on and the pace was relentless, mistakes, even by the very best, were inevitable. But who was to prevail?

Magpies started the better with runs from right, left and centre all making inroads to the Cambridge final quarter who in turn stood resolute and made more effective counter-attacks with our midfield seemingly unable to cut out defence to attack balls. With 15 minutes gone and nothing on the board to show the tables were starting to turn and Magpies early dominance was starting to be reversed by the hosts.

Then we really did it! After a period of hard fought possession in around the 20th minute in the City final third Georgie C found an opening in the D and slid the ball past the keeper to the opposite left hand posting quite literally edging Magpies in front. And how City responded. The final 10 minutes of the first half was a Cambridge onslaught during which our defence, and Grace in particular rose their game to the occasion. A combination of Cambridge misfiring at PCs and very brave #1 running from Molly kept our clean sheet at half time.

We expected a response in the second half and Cambridge gave it. Whilst out possession may have been even in the first 15 minutes of the second the territory all belonged to Cambridge who tried every route possible to penetrate our defence and eventually and deservedly equalised. The Cambridge pressure continued but our defence stood resolute and the harder we worked the luckier we got. Several counter attacks ensued and on one Georgie G made a fabulous run giving her a one on one with the keeper which she coolly despatched.

Ten minutes left and the every member of the team gave everything – no-one singled out so the team sheet below because every one of the team gave their defensive all.

Cambridge literally tried everything to win and would have tunnelled their way to goal if it had been an option but they weren’t to be given the chance and with much relief and a few hoarse voices we celebrated the final whistle.

And with that Magpies edge their way to the top of the table with two games (Dragons and Pelicans) to go:

  1. Magpies 7pts
  2. Cambridge 6pts
  3. Norwich City 5pts
  4. Pelicans 4pts
  5. Bury 3pts
  6. Norwich Dragons 0pts

Team: Alice Wiseman, Amelia Slade, Amy Collison, Beth Moodie, Ellen Pope, Georgie Cantrell, Georgie Gardens, Grace Robertson, Honey Lamdin, Molly Warnes, Olivia Lapage, Victoria Spouncer