Membership Subs 2017-18

Harleston Magpies Hockey Club

2017/2018 Magpies Subscription Process
For existing Adult and Concessionary Members (Over 14 as at 1/9/2017) you will have been sent an e-mail explaining the process (similarly Occasional (new category), Associate & Social Members).
For Junior or Concessionary Members (Under 14 as at 1/9/2017) you will have received (or will receive) an e-mail (containing an application form) from the relevant Youth Development Officer explaining the process. The application form can also be used for any new Concessionary members (Over 14 years and Under 18 years as at 1/9/2017), in particular to record any relevant medical conditions.
For New Adult/Concessionary Members (Over 18 as at 1/9/2017) – for players new to the Club please e-mail and we will set up a new record on the system and arrange for login details for FixturesLive to be sent to you.
For any Adult/Concessionary members wishing to pay in instalments, please e-mail
The Club would never wish anyone to be unable to play our sport due to financial reasons. If you wish to discuss please contact, or in confidence.
If you have any other queries please e-mail


Magpies Membership Incentive Scheme
An initiative (which has been agreed by the Executive Committee) to help grow the membership is an Incentive Scheme for existing club members. It works like this – any adult member introducing a new adult to the club will be entitled to a 50% reduction in their subscription the following season – assuming the new member renews their membership in that season. This is to encourage all our adult members to introduce new members to our club. If you think you qualify please notify club treasurer Jose Tibbenham when the new member joins. Reasonable T&Cs will apply, e.g. the scheme does not cover other family members, former members and more than one person cannot claim the incentive for the same new member – if unsure please e-mail