Membership Subs 2016-17

Harleston Magpies Hockey Club
Membership Subscriptions 2016-17

(Please see bottom of this page for Magpies Membership Incentive Scheme)

This year adult (13yrs +) membership subscriptions will be paid through Fixtures Live. Junior (U13s subscriptions will be collected as per last year by club officers after evening training sessions.

All adult club members already registered with the club should have received an email ‘invoice’ requesting the annual subscriptions for this year. Due to the delay in sending out membership subscriptions members have been given until 9 October to pay at the standard rate – the additional charge will apply from 10 October 2016 (not the dates stated in the handbook)

For 2016-17 Please DO NOT pay by PayPal – payments can be made by electronically by BACs (HMHC account details contained on the invoice) or by cheque c/o the Treasurer Jose Tibbenham at HMHC.

If already registered please ensure you update your details on Fixtures Live.

Instructions how to request to become a member of HMHC and/or to register on Fixtures Live:-

  • Visit
  • Then sign up to Fixtures Live (bottom left hand side of home page)
  • Next register with Fixtures Live when asked – you will receive notification of an activation email being sent
  • Go to your emails and click the link in the email from FL to activate your account
  • Then complete ‘My Details’ section
  • Go to ‘My Account’ (top right hand of page on task bar)
  • On ‘My Account’ page click on ‘sign me up for…’ (apply to join a club)
  • On the drop down menus select ‘sport’ – hockey & ‘club’ – Harleston Magpies
  • On logo for HMHC – apply for membership
  • Then a notification will be displayed detailing that an email has been sent to the club

Any queries or problems please contact

Magpies Membership Incentive Scheme
An initiative (which has been agreed by the Executive Committee) to help grow the membership is an Incentive Scheme for existing club members. It works like this – any adult member introducing a new adult to the club will be entitled to a 50% reduction in their subscription the following season – assuming the new member renews their membership in that season. This is to encourage all our adult members to introduce new members to our club. If you think you qualify please notify club treasurer Jose Tibbenham when the new member joins. Reasonable T&Cs will apply, e.g. the scheme does not cover other family members, former members and more than one person cannot claim the incentive for the same new member – if unsure please e-mail