Mens 1st Team Match Report 14th October 2017

Mens 1st Team vs Chelmsford 1st Team (Away (L) D 2-2)

An injury depleted Harleston Magpies team sponsored by Dynamic Club Shops travelled to Chelmsford, full of confidence after an unbeaten start to the season.

Magpies however, were not able to inject some of the intensity that player coach Tim Whiteman had instilled into the team since the beginning of pre season. The first 20 minutes for magpies players was arguably some of the worst of the season.

However, the squad reflected on the values of what it means to be a ‘pie’ and managed to raise the intensity to a respectable standard. This was rewarded by some brilliant build up play down the right hand side through Tom Sumner who appears to be maturing likes fine wine. Simon Hipwell managed to use his assets to block off defenders after a breakdown of play in the D whilst a rip roarer of a strike from eventual MOM Matt Richardson gave Magpies the lead.

After a warning at half time from Player Coach Whiteman, who demanded more from his team, and reflected on the fact he himself needs to engage with the spirit of the game, Magpies were keen to convert more chances and put this game to bed.

Magpies back 4 headed by self coined ‘veterans’ Leigh Sitch and Andrew Bedwell raised the tempo of transfer. This gave subsequent room to new signing Jonty Gosling at left half who linked up with new Vice Captain Thomas Ridley, who linked with the forward line well to win a short corner. A slip flick from Thomas Ridley was deflected off a Chelmsford player and Magpies were 2-0 up.

With 4 minutes to go, Chelmsford weren’t disheartened and chased the game hard. After a magpies turnover and subsequent Chelmsford breakaway resulted in a goal, the home team had theirs tails up. Chelmsford won a shortcorner after full pressing a tired magpies side, which they neatly finished to end the game 2-2.Magpies players felt disheartened after having most of the possession during the encounter. However, the result was probably a fair one with magpies far from their best on the day and knew they are capable of much, much more.

Next week Magpies host a struggling Ipswich in what promises to be a riveting East Anglian derby. Push back is at 2:00pm at Harleston.